Monday, October 19, 2009

Trying not to rip my eyes out

I have a lot going on. Seriously. I have my regular job at, I sell Avon, and I help make my husbands business become something amazing.
I am also a mom, a wife, and a human. Thats right, a human.
I feel that I am failing at the last three because of the first three. This year has flown by and it hasn't been as fabulous as I had hoped. I have pretty high expectations about the tween years.
I feel really disconnected from the girls because Jeff is with them. I am trying to let go of a little control and trust him with their daily affairs. Baby steps. I even feel guilty about this freakin blog. I haven't updated in weeks. And it isn't that I feel so supierior that I think that I have people waiting to hear my every word, I just feel guilty to the one or two that actually do read it.

I just need to organize and mentally chill. Not chillax because that term makes me want to punch someone