Friday, September 18, 2009

Garage sales, Avon, and the streets Oh My

September has kind of sucked a little bit. We didn’t have any customers and it has kind of been hard. But we have come up with plans B through X. This weekend we are having a garage sale. I was blown away by the amount of crap we had stored in our garage and house. CRAP! I just want it out. The girls are having a lemonade stand too. So if you are in the Las Vegas area please by our shit. We live the Lakes, Sahara and Durango by the way.
I have also started to sell Avon. Yes…Avon. I sold it a few years ago and enjoyed it. It is a lot easier now. Everything is online. So I am doing that to help out. My only problem is buying things for my self. Please check out my site or I can mail you a book. It is one and the same. It just depends on what kind of service you prefer.
If I make about $100 a month it is still an extra $100 a month
Jeff will be getting booths at the next few gun shows and he is in a hunt in October. We need to get him out there, more visual.
Any suggestions before I start working the streets?

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