Friday, August 21, 2009

The summer is over

It has been a huge bummer here that past couple of days. I feel so stressed and overwhelmed with home, work, and money issues. I hate this feeling.
This summer went so fast.
The girls are getting ready for school. They had a pretty rockin summer! The traveled cross country to visit cousins in the beginning, then went to camp where they swam all day and went on field trips. Last weekend we took our annual trip to Tuacahn to see Annie and Footloose. HERE are pictures.
Nobody is calling us about the business. It is driving me insane. And it makes me crazy sad. I am trying not to think about it.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I have been really down on my home computer lately. First I got this horrible Malware virus that would not go away despite everything I read on the internet on it. It would let me open any of my programs and I wanted to slam it against a wall. But then I thought to myself… I have a friend who is a fricking computer genius and once again I called upon her and used her knowledge. Loraloo I love you!!!! She did it but I have some fragments still in my system. My Picasa 3 went on strike. It was angry that I could let such a horrible virus in. I fixed that too (thank you internet!) but now I am war torn and scared to use the computer for fear of something popping up or freezing. It is good and bad because I love my computer. I love working on projects and writing in my blog and surfing and lately nothing. It is good I guess now I spend more time with the fam.

My brother got Alyssa a kick ass computer. It was our first MAC. I was really anti Mac but it is such a cool lil thing I have grown to love it. Much like our dog, Samra. I hated her at first too.

Anyway. The reason I bring this up is because we are 100% back into our business again and all of my business files are on my computer and I could not get to them. It was really depressing me.

For any of you out there that have a gun or a gun collection that may or may not be antique or collectables and would like an appraisal either for personal record or home insurance reasons please let me know!

And spare me the “I hate guns” “I can’t believe you have guns in the house” etc…. lecture. It is old and I am tired of hearing about it. I had a very dear friend murdered with a knife and there aren’t any anti knife clubs. People, who want to kill, will. Idiots who do not teach gun safety and rules to their children have accidents and assholes that leave it in their car or dresser for the four year olds to find are just ignorant.
There… I am done. I worked in the news for a long time and have heard all of the stories. I get it. My husband hunts and is extremely passionate about it. But people give us crap all the time.
In conclusion….. Check this out.