Sunday, June 7, 2009

So the family is gone. They left on Friday morning and made it to Tyler in two days. Faster than we ever have all the other times we ever went. It hit me last night and I was really sad. My parents are also gone. They actually drove to New York in four days.

I willl have stuff to do.... Yup, Don't worry about lil ol me. Busy as a bee. Last night I spent 5 hours cleaning out my kitchen cupboards. Exciting. I also went to participate in Zappos corporate challenge tug o war. I am feeling it in shoulders today. You should have seen the guys we were pulling against! They were the bouncers for Pure nightclub! We didn't have a chance. Here is a picture.

They were meaty.

Anyway I am kinda welcoming the quiet. Last weekend was crazy. The end of school programs, awards, recitals, birthday parties and everyday life. Here is some pictures from the week.

My friend, Nicole is having her baby this week. So I will be hanging with her.

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Vegas Princess said...

Keeping busy is always the best thing when you have an empty house. That works for me for the first two days. Then I get sad.:( But then remember you will be joining them soon.