Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who ate the toppings off the pizza or why the dogs new name is farticus

I didn't cook the entire weekend. We either ate out or ordered in. We NEVER do that. And we paid dearly for it. We were bloated and disgusting all weekend. We ordered pizza on Saturday. I don't eat pizza because I am lactose intolerant so right there I should have known. I ordered Jeff a "Peez-illa" Which is pizza with everything. I saw a lot of green peppers and sausage on it. Well we were eating in the living room and watching TV when apparently Samra went into the kitchen to investigate the pizza. And apparently lick all the toppings off of three slices. Puppy had a really swirly tummy for about 30 minutes. At the time we were confused on why she kept grunting and shifting positions. When Jeff got up to put his plate in the sink he saw why. But it was too late. Samra was letting go of some of her discomfort and it was painful for all of us. Alyssa kept calling her Farticus. I don't think Samra has learned her listen since she went through the garbage last night.

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