Friday, February 6, 2009

So my youngest turned 8 yesterday. Emma Grace is a big girl now. Birthday week has begun. On her birthday night (last night) we have a family dinner. I told her she can go anywhere in the city. She chose Krazy Buffet. A Chinese buffet we have gone for lunch a few times. But that is where she wanted to go. Funny enough, there was another birthday going on for another little girl. Who knew? She got her gifts from my parents last night and we had a nice time. Tonight we have 6 kids meeting us to see “Coraline.”
Emma’s birth story is the best. I may have told this story before so I am sorry. The date is February 5th, 2001. Alyssa was 3 ½ and didn’t really “get” that there was going to be another kid coming soon. At the time she was going to a private Jewish preschool and taking karate. My doctor had planned the delivery so it would best for both of our schedules. I wanted to make sure I had a babysitter for Alyssa.
Emma was due on February 14th. So this was quite a few days before. Two of my best friends in the world were planning on being in the delivery room with us. Nikki and Nicole. Along with Jeff and my mom, we had quite the party going on. Nikki put glitter on my face and kept trying to pamper me. Little did she know at the time, I hate being touched on my face. Anyway, they kept me in good spirits and we laughed a lot. Which was good because almost exactly a month earlier, Nikki’s mom had passed away and her being with me on that day meant a lot to me.
My father was going to pick up Alyssa after karate class and keep her entertained until we called him with baby news. My mother was nervous about this because Alyssa was only three and her vocabulary at the time consisted of Teletubbies jargon and 101 Dalmatians. She was concerned about my father losing his mind trying to keep her happy. So it was all planned out. My mom said that if I did not give birth by 7:30 PM she would leave to get Alyssa. She was pretty upset because she wanted to be there when Emma flew out. Luckily enough she popped out at 7 ish. Just in time. My gals made me laugh so hard that the doctor said that if I gave one more hardy laugh that the baby will come. That made me laugh harder and swoosh! Baby Emma, looking exactly like her sister. Jeff even said “holy Crap! She looks just like Alyssa!” It was a fabulous birth. Nikki did have the Life/ Death realization of her mother and had to leave the room right after in tears. A nurse saw her crying and thought that something had gone wrong inside and rushed in. But it was all good. My dad showed up with Alyssa at around 8 PM. She was in her little karate outfit and was very shy about her baby sister. She thought it was pretty funny that Emma sucked on her finger when she stuck it in her mouth. Nikki and Nicole are the best to have in your birthing room and they may be for hire. They definitely take your mind off what is going on.
It seems like yesterday. I know that is cliché but it is true. My baby is not a baby anymore.

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Vegas Princess said...

Happy Birthday Emma! What an amazing story you have, as well as an amazing mother. :)