Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday and the month ahead

I was really sick yesterday. When the clouds are low and the pressure is so high I get a bad migraine. I woke up in pain. I went to my pottery class and was ok until I would go outside. I actually did really well in pottery despite my intense pain. It works for me I guess. But I didn’t quite make it home. I got really sick. It was bad and ugly and did not make me feel any better. I practically called in the house and told Jeff that I needed to shower and go back to bed. I slept for about two hours and woke up so we could go to Abbe’s house. We haven’t been over there in about 6-7 months and we missed it horribly. I was feeling better by then because it finally rained. I still managed to go to bed at 8PM. Other than hanging with Ab, It was a yucky day for me.
This month is going to get really stressful for me. I have three Holiday parties where I have to bake, a dance recital, three Orthodontist apts. Work classes, work, and a major trip back east to prepare for. I also signed up to sell things at a craft fair so I am trying to whip out my scarves. I am doing this to myself. I am shocked that I am not stick thin. I am shocked that I always manage to find time to eat.
I read all the time about these celebrities that say their weight loss technique is that they “forget” to eat because they are taking care of their kids. I take care of my kids; I have never forgotten to eat, ever. I have forgotten to work out, I have forgotten to purge, I have forgotten to chew, but I have never forgotten to eat.


Vegas Princess said...

I am so sorry you are feeling crappy. i have felt like yuck too. The changing of the temperatures gets me every time. Hope you feel better soon! But your last paragraph had me giggling, so at least you made me feel better with your witty remarks about purging. :)

LoraLoo said...

I have never had a migraine, I can't even imagine how bad that must hurt.

Reading about your month made me dizzy. I thought I had a busy month, you just wayyyyyy out-did that!!