Sunday, November 16, 2008

Single mom weekend

Emma and Belle
One of the dishes

Jeff store is on the tippee toes of opening up.(finally!) So he is there most of the time stocking inventory. The difference between his old place and Sportsman's is that the old place believed in working their people on 18 -20 hour days until it was completely done , burning out the employees just in time for sales and events. Sportsman's only works their employees for 8-10 hours making sure they are rested and physically ready. Plus his manager is actually helping out busting his ass and making sure everything is right. Lets just say that his old guy was more comfortable telling people what to do and delegating. Jeff is very excited to get this place open and start working.

We are making plans to travel back to East Texas again. This time we are going for New Years. We are hoping to rent an RV too. We had done it twice before and we had the time of our life. Emma has never been in one. Unfortunately, they are very expensive to rent. If you are in the Vegas area and know someone that wants to rent out their RV let me know. It needs to be a driving RV, not a Pull behind. Let me know. We will take really good care of it and sign any papers you need for us to sign.

Any way, my mom and I took the girls to see Beauty and The Beast yesterday. It was really sweet and the costumes were amazing.


Vegas Princess said...

Where was Beauty and the Beast playing? I have not heard of it!

Cyndiblock Talk said...

It was playing at the Summerlin Library. It was cute but needed a larger stage. The costumes were fantastic. The Beast / Prince was a little too heavy too. And Hawaiian :)