Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend 2008

What a busy four days! I miss work! So lets start at the beginning. This is the Cliffs notes version
Raining raining raining. I was terrified driving to work because I could not see the road. It was cold and yucky. We made pancakes at work to make everyone feel cozy. I left at 12:30 so I could make it to Emma's thanksgiving show where she was a pilgrim. That night it was clean and cook for the next day.
Raining raining raining; Thanksgiving merriment, 16 people, Jeff deep fried a turkey it was yummy.
Shop, shop, shop.
Girls night out. Hibachi dinner and Jonas Brothers Concert. Sweetest words I have ever heard? : "Mommy can we go now?'
Pottery class! First day, loved it, very frustrating but awesome! Then Alyssa, Mom, and I saw Twilight.

OK People this is were the Cliffs notes ends.
I really liked this book. It took me a long time to get into the first one but I really started liking it. The last book was the best. The movie was very close to the book which is impressive. But I have complaints.
1. I hated the actor choices for the Cullen family. These people were supposed to be the most beautiful people on Earth. I didn't see that in these actors. Robert P is the exception. He is a tasty vittle. I just didn't think Rosalie was the right choice at all. Stephenie Meyer goes on and on about how stunning Rosalie was and I did not see that in Nikki Reed. Who I adoredby the way as writer and actress in 13. She is much better looking as a brunette. I thought that Carlisle should have been better looking too. The guy who played Jasper was creepy. I did see Alice that way though. She was exactly like I had pictured her.
2. The makeup on the vampires bothered me. It was too white and not consistent.
3. I wanted more.
I wanted to watch the rest of the books!!! And I am bummed that it may take years to complete.
I can't wait for Jacob is more involved because, hello... I am so team Jacob.
The bestest part??? The Harry Potter preview we got before the movie started.. It angers me so much that it has been pushed back to July. It is already finished!! Why the wait?
Pics from the weekend.


Vegas Princess said...

I was so excited for the Harry POtter promo too! While sad they pushed it back I kinda understand why. Now they can rule the summer!

Glad you got to see the movie and that you liked it! If you wish to see it again, my offer still stands. Although I love way across the valley form you so we would have to meet in the middle like Town Square or Boulder Station.

And I didn't think Rosalie was beautiful enough either, but she certainly was enough of a bitch! :)

LoraLoo said...

I saw the pictures... I have always wondered what a deep fried turkey tastes like?! Love the girls posing around the Jonas Brothers poster. That is adoration we aren't too old to forget!

I have not read or seen any Twilight stuff, but I heart Harry Potter, so I suppose I will have to give in and start reading. I am seriously pissed they put the movie off until July as well!!