Monday, November 10, 2008

Lime is the new pink

I am on a lime kick right now. I redid my upstairs bathroom in lime and yellow. What is up with that? Am I an old lady now? Do I gravitate towards bright neon colors? Should I but gold flats and glass tables? Both of which you can find in every home in Sun City where my parents live.

Blah blah, anyway... Within 48 hours I had three people in my life tell me that they were 8-12 weeks pregnant. Not everybody knows yet so I will keep the names secret until the baby is out of the bag.
I am so crazy happy for all of them but kinda sad and jealous for me. Since the run of fertile drama I had a few weeks ago I am kinda moody on the subject of babies. I text Jeff after I found out and said "so and so and so and so are both 8 weeks pregnant, I will be tearing out my heart and dipping it in acid later.. fyi" He text back, "do you want a baby?" I said I don't know. I love my girls. I don't always like them but I totally always LOVE them. They are pretty groovy little chicks and they can take care of themselves. They are fun to talk to and they make us laugh. No, I don't want another baby.
Tonight Jeff and I went to eat Sushi, where a infant was SCREEEEEEEEEECHING! SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEECHING and the parents were LAAAAAAAAAAAAUGHING. I wanted to MUUUUUUUUURDER them. What is up with that? Whenever the girls acted up in a restaurant we took them straight out. I don't think it is rocket science. I made up my mid right there that I was finito with the baby making. I am sorry mom but I am done. I may still get weepy from time to time and wonder what if... but this house is closed.

Whatever. The sushi was fab and we got their just in time for happy hour so it was all half price. Now we are too stuffed to even look at each other which is a shame because the kids are at moms.
Jeff is watching the rice expand in his belly while I keep tasting spider roll. Not romantic at all.

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Vegas Princess said...

I have baby fever right now too. However I seem to have the same reaction when I hear a baby screetching and no one doing anything to stop it. Douses the flames for a baby right away.

Live vicariously through your friends babies and know you can go home at the end of the day after only enjoying the good parts. :)