Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I know I haven’t written in days. I am so consumed with Thanksgiving, work, and my Texas vacation that I have abandoned my deep thoughts.
On the subject of Thanksgiving, is it wrong for me to ask the guests to bring their own forks? I don’t have enough forks and plastic just doesn’t look right with china. Should I tell them that in our family we eat with our fingers? Should I tell them that they should show me how a piggy eats? (Ala Christmas Story) I will figure this out.
In the meantime I am way bummed that I have not seen Twilight yet. I have been cleaning, cooking, and living and was sorta sad that my 11 year old niece called me from Georgia called me on Saturday to tell me that she just saw it. In Georgia!! Where Superman 2 is still playing. I am re reading the first one because I read it so long ago and so fast that I want to brush up before I see the flick.
Alyssa is getting set for braces. We had our first consultation today and found out that braces cost the same as a 98 Hyundai. The monthly payments are the same too. So Alyssa better rock these straight teeth because she is going to need a ride to school in high school since she will be wearing her first car. The better she looks the more guys will want to drive her.
Anyway, Have a great Thanksgiving. Think of me as I serve 20 people with chopsticks.


Vegas Princess said...

You know you could go see and then pretend that its the first time you watched it when you go with your friends. :)

Cyndiblock Talk said...

VP: I am hoping to catch it very soon. I hate reviewers. It is so obvious they haven't read the book at all and that they are painfully jealous of Robert P's beautiful face.
FYI: Daniel Radcliffe will be on Inside the Actors Studio this Monday on Bravo at 8 PM. Another one of my sick teen crushes. I am a cougar.

Vegas Princess said...

They are just haters. He is an incredible actor and such a down to earth guy.

And OMG! Do you remember all my Daniel Radcliffe swoon fest posts? So cute!! And so illegal until he turned 18 :)