Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend 2008

What a busy four days! I miss work! So lets start at the beginning. This is the Cliffs notes version
Raining raining raining. I was terrified driving to work because I could not see the road. It was cold and yucky. We made pancakes at work to make everyone feel cozy. I left at 12:30 so I could make it to Emma's thanksgiving show where she was a pilgrim. That night it was clean and cook for the next day.
Raining raining raining; Thanksgiving merriment, 16 people, Jeff deep fried a turkey it was yummy.
Shop, shop, shop.
Girls night out. Hibachi dinner and Jonas Brothers Concert. Sweetest words I have ever heard? : "Mommy can we go now?'
Pottery class! First day, loved it, very frustrating but awesome! Then Alyssa, Mom, and I saw Twilight.

OK People this is were the Cliffs notes ends.
I really liked this book. It took me a long time to get into the first one but I really started liking it. The last book was the best. The movie was very close to the book which is impressive. But I have complaints.
1. I hated the actor choices for the Cullen family. These people were supposed to be the most beautiful people on Earth. I didn't see that in these actors. Robert P is the exception. He is a tasty vittle. I just didn't think Rosalie was the right choice at all. Stephenie Meyer goes on and on about how stunning Rosalie was and I did not see that in Nikki Reed. Who I adoredby the way as writer and actress in 13. She is much better looking as a brunette. I thought that Carlisle should have been better looking too. The guy who played Jasper was creepy. I did see Alice that way though. She was exactly like I had pictured her.
2. The makeup on the vampires bothered me. It was too white and not consistent.
3. I wanted more.
I wanted to watch the rest of the books!!! And I am bummed that it may take years to complete.
I can't wait for Jacob is more involved because, hello... I am so team Jacob.
The bestest part??? The Harry Potter preview we got before the movie started.. It angers me so much that it has been pushed back to July. It is already finished!! Why the wait?
Pics from the weekend.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ouch! Baby Jordy

This face makes my tummy hurt. I am hoping to squeeze this baby in February.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I know I haven’t written in days. I am so consumed with Thanksgiving, work, and my Texas vacation that I have abandoned my deep thoughts.
On the subject of Thanksgiving, is it wrong for me to ask the guests to bring their own forks? I don’t have enough forks and plastic just doesn’t look right with china. Should I tell them that in our family we eat with our fingers? Should I tell them that they should show me how a piggy eats? (Ala Christmas Story) I will figure this out.
In the meantime I am way bummed that I have not seen Twilight yet. I have been cleaning, cooking, and living and was sorta sad that my 11 year old niece called me from Georgia called me on Saturday to tell me that she just saw it. In Georgia!! Where Superman 2 is still playing. I am re reading the first one because I read it so long ago and so fast that I want to brush up before I see the flick.
Alyssa is getting set for braces. We had our first consultation today and found out that braces cost the same as a 98 Hyundai. The monthly payments are the same too. So Alyssa better rock these straight teeth because she is going to need a ride to school in high school since she will be wearing her first car. The better she looks the more guys will want to drive her.
Anyway, Have a great Thanksgiving. Think of me as I serve 20 people with chopsticks.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Single mom weekend

Emma and Belle
One of the dishes

Jeff store is on the tippee toes of opening up.(finally!) So he is there most of the time stocking inventory. The difference between his old place and Sportsman's is that the old place believed in working their people on 18 -20 hour days until it was completely done , burning out the employees just in time for sales and events. Sportsman's only works their employees for 8-10 hours making sure they are rested and physically ready. Plus his manager is actually helping out busting his ass and making sure everything is right. Lets just say that his old guy was more comfortable telling people what to do and delegating. Jeff is very excited to get this place open and start working.

We are making plans to travel back to East Texas again. This time we are going for New Years. We are hoping to rent an RV too. We had done it twice before and we had the time of our life. Emma has never been in one. Unfortunately, they are very expensive to rent. If you are in the Vegas area and know someone that wants to rent out their RV let me know. It needs to be a driving RV, not a Pull behind. Let me know. We will take really good care of it and sign any papers you need for us to sign.

Any way, my mom and I took the girls to see Beauty and The Beast yesterday. It was really sweet and the costumes were amazing.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lime is the new pink

I am on a lime kick right now. I redid my upstairs bathroom in lime and yellow. What is up with that? Am I an old lady now? Do I gravitate towards bright neon colors? Should I but gold flats and glass tables? Both of which you can find in every home in Sun City where my parents live.

Blah blah, anyway... Within 48 hours I had three people in my life tell me that they were 8-12 weeks pregnant. Not everybody knows yet so I will keep the names secret until the baby is out of the bag.
I am so crazy happy for all of them but kinda sad and jealous for me. Since the run of fertile drama I had a few weeks ago I am kinda moody on the subject of babies. I text Jeff after I found out and said "so and so and so and so are both 8 weeks pregnant, I will be tearing out my heart and dipping it in acid later.. fyi" He text back, "do you want a baby?" I said I don't know. I love my girls. I don't always like them but I totally always LOVE them. They are pretty groovy little chicks and they can take care of themselves. They are fun to talk to and they make us laugh. No, I don't want another baby.
Tonight Jeff and I went to eat Sushi, where a infant was SCREEEEEEEEEECHING! SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEECHING and the parents were LAAAAAAAAAAAAUGHING. I wanted to MUUUUUUUUURDER them. What is up with that? Whenever the girls acted up in a restaurant we took them straight out. I don't think it is rocket science. I made up my mid right there that I was finito with the baby making. I am sorry mom but I am done. I may still get weepy from time to time and wonder what if... but this house is closed.

Whatever. The sushi was fab and we got their just in time for happy hour so it was all half price. Now we are too stuffed to even look at each other which is a shame because the kids are at moms.
Jeff is watching the rice expand in his belly while I keep tasting spider roll. Not romantic at all.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Yesterday was a crazy sad day for They had to lay of 125 people. This compnay has never had to do this before. It was very sad. Everybody was crying and hugging. I made the cut to stay but I have severe survivors guilt. Three of the people that trained me were let go. Zappos gave them all pay until the end of the year and 6 months of health insurance but it was still a huge blow. I have never worked for a company like this and I hope I stay for a very long time. But if the economy doesn't turn around soon, we are all screwed.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Get over it

It is what it is so just get over it! I don't want to hear about it for four years. You have to understand, this is 2008. You are going to have to adapt to change. Whining only annoys EVERYBODY around you.
For the record, I am a democrat. I did not base my vote because of race. Race was not even a factor. Which is more than I can say for why some people did not vote for Obama. I voted democrat because i think this country needs a change. I can only hope for the best. I have always loved McCain. I thought he was an amazing hero. I remember seeing him on David Letterman YEARS ago. I loved him and I was excited to see him run. He blew it for me when he chose Palin. She could not even control her own family. Her teenage daughter was pregnant. I felt that her appearances on Saturday night Live made her look as though the presidency was a joke. She was not taking it seriously.
It is as time for change. I am scared for Obama. I worry for those two little girls and that some KKK yahoo will destroy him because they were never taught tolerance, only disgusting hatred and ugliness.
When people cannot accept me as a Jew it upsets me. How people can base their opinions on someone just because of their religion, gender or color confuses me and makes me sad. People should look at people as humans.

These are just my thoughts. If you don't like it, get your own blog.

And this goes out to YOU: Just because someone thinks differently from you does NOT mean they are wrong. It means they have a different opinion.