Friday, September 5, 2008

Pine Valley, Utah 2008

We had a really great time camping this last weekend. The kids had a blast. I may be a little bit too big and old to climb in and out of a tent but I still had a great time.  Jeff managed to make it up Saturday afternoon and stayed until Sunday afternoon. That was wonderful! What I learned on this trip is:

1.       Don’t run around the fire because Nicole will yell at you.

2.       I have gray hair growing

3.       The creek is cold and wet

4.       How to make churro poppers

5.       I use too much mayo

6.       My eyeballs start to ache when I hike

7.       I don’t hike well and I cannot go down a hill or jump over rocks in a creek at all.

8.       Noodle pudding is best when eaten freshly baked from the oven and served immediately.

9.       The kids go through 40 changes of clothing whenever we camp

10.   Eric is quite funny when he wants to be.

 Pictures from the camping trip are here

I am cherishing any time I have of him because hunting season is among us and I will lose him to cami’s and a gun.  Dove season started last week which really makes me giggle. Jeff has never hunted doves and in my mind it can’t be much of a challenge. They seem pretty dumb.  Can’t you just show up to a wedding and wait for a bunch of them to be released? And how hard is it to find them? They are the only birds flying around with olive branches in their beaks.



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