Sunday, September 28, 2008


My nephew, Jordan Henry says he is tired of Republicans running this country into the ground. OBAMA IN 08 !!!!


linda7377 said...

That's a darn lie
The kid can't talk.all he does is eat, cry, and make doodies.I held the bugger so I know.If you wish to spread lies go to another site,like the daily Koes or the Huffington post.
The kid will be a Republican like his grandfather,the brilliant Murray.So there!

unwoundrodeo said...

Can't we all get along????You rock Linda!! Let the baby sleep! He is was a hard trip and he isn't in the mood to debate politics! Love you guys!!Jen

Linda said...

There are some fraudulent people out there and some people are using my name to add comments. The brilliant Murray has committed a fraud and used my e-mail to print lies, lies, lies!!! This baby Jordan is very smart and he does talk and he says he will decide whom to vote for in 17 years, 11 months and he will make his own decision and will not be pressured by his grandfather or his father. He will make an intelligent decision by studying the issues. See how smart he is!
I am the real Linda, the grandma.