Thursday, September 11, 2008

my 9-11 poem

I wrote this the week of 9-11-01 I copywrited it. I read a lot of poems that week and I never saw one like this. I think it is a pretty decent read.

The Radio woke her up with a start -

The voice from the box was speaking with heart.


A plane he said had crashed into the tower –

Another into the other, it happened this hour.


She arose with anticipation –

She listened along with the rest of the nation.


Her head was pounding; her eyes had a bruise –

She listened in pain to the rest of the news.


Her husband fought fire with passion and glory –

She knew he was there and listened to the story.


Many were dead, the innocent and the brave –

She hoped, deep down, one was her husband, Dave.


A strong man with the strength of ten –

An angry man, who beat her again and again.


She turned on the TV and sat up in her bed –

She sat in silence waiting to hear who and how many were dead.


With a cracked rib and a broken arm –

She watched as many ran from harm.


She continued to watch, Still in her nightgown -

When the day was over, the shock wore down.


The phone call she got was filled with despair –

She sat and listened and pretended to care.


No more slaps and no more hits –

He won’t be around any longer to work off his fits.


It was only then when she started to cry –

While the country mourned she began living her lie.


She mocked sadness and horror as people would call-

She nodded and wept; she had fooled them all.


For she on that Tuesday was given a freedom that she never knew –

While hundreds screamed and cried she knew what she had to do.


She covered her bruises, like she had done before –

This time with hope for something much, much, more.


A life she could live without threats and fear –

She looked in the mirror and she cried her first happy tear.


Cyndi Tatum 9-14-01







linda7377 said...

Did you write this? This was excellent and quite a different perspective. Shouldn't you send this somewhere to someone?

Rhett said...

That was some rhyme! Nice!