Sunday, August 10, 2008

Week one

Week one of Project single mom is over. On Sunday we followed Jeff in his truck to St George and got him settled in to the hotel. We had a very nice day. But as soon as I got home things changed. I started to do the dishes and noticed that there wasn't any hot water. So I called him and he told me to check the pilot light on the water heater. Now, lets just say that I am not a handy woman. I am Jewish. We call peole to fix things, we do not fix anything ourselves. Jeff went through the steps with me to re light it. I just knew I wasn't walking out of there with eyebrows but he assured me that it will be ok. And it would have been if I had a lighter long enough to fit through the area to relight it. I had to attach a match stick to a pencil and light that. I am not joking. It worked and I had hot water.. for 24 hours.. and it went out again. So I called Jeff...again. And he said to look around for water for puddles and hey!! There was water around the water heater. not good. He told me to turn off the pilot light and the water valve and to either get used to cold showers or shower at my moms but that water heater is about to blow.

Anyway, this is what we have done for a week. I drop the girls off at camp in Summerlin, Then I drive to work in Green Valley, then I drive back to Summerlin to pick up the girls. Then I drive to my moms to shave, shower, and shine, then I drive back to the Lakes where I live.  Google this I put 350 miles on my car this week.

We actually went back up to St George on Friday.  We had a great weekend. We swam, went shopping for school clothes, and swam some more. We are home now. Funny enough, we will be going back to St George on Friday with my mom because we have tickets to Tuacahn. We missed last year and it made me sad. This year is Les Miserables and The Sound of Music. I am very excited and hope it does not rain.


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