Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Utah is for Tatum

It has been a few days, huh? Well my lordy, the days are flying by so fast, I haven’t had time to breathe. As you may know, Jeff was in ST George for the past two weeks for training for his new job.  He will be the hunting manager at Sportsman’s Warehouse. They didn’t have any in Vegas  and the closest was there in Utah.

 They are opening two here in town. One in Henderson about 8 minutes from my job and one in North Las Vegas area. That will be Jeff’s store. The one in Henderson opens around September 6 and the NLV will open November 9. In the meantime, Jeff is helping stock the Henderson store and will work there until it is time to stock his own.

Jeff and I both shlub our way to Henderson for work but we can’t carpool because he never knows when he will get off.  Hopefully when the store actually opens he will get a more exact schedule. 

 Anyway, for the past three weeks we have driven back and forth the Utah. It is not a bad trip at all. The first time was to get Big Daddy settled in, the next was to spend the weekend with him and the last time was to go to Tuacahn to see two plays. Sound of Music and Les Miserables. As usual, the performances were crazy good and I was practically hyperventilating while crying during Les Miserables, my favorite play of all time.



The girls start school on Monday. Alyssa will be in middle school and will have to take a bus. She is super excited and the school offers some amazing classes. She will be taking dance and drama as part of her curriculum. Much different than when I went to 6th grade. Emma is starting 2nd and is all ready with her clothes and supplies.


loraloo0604 said...

Man o' Man have you been busy.

I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that you have a child going to middle school.  Weren't we JUST there?  

bc510 said...

Just curious if you were standing in Utah when you took the photo. Any pictures of A & E should include close-ups so everyone can see how cute they are. Standing in Colorado with your camera just doesn't make sense.
I love them anyway.
Cousin Bob in CA