Friday, August 29, 2008

5 days down 175 to go.

The girls finished their first week of school. They totally love every second of it.  Tomorrow we will celebrate by taking our annual trip to Pine Valley, Utah to go camping. This year will be a bit different because Jeff can't go. I am so crazy bummed out by this. His Henderson store will be opening on Monday and they just received their shipment of 2000 guns which need to be labeled, scanned, assembled and stocked. It is 9:22 PM on a Friday night and they are just starting now. Meaning that there is no way he will be done by tomorrow afternoon to go with us. I promised him that I would not nag him at all about this job. But I have to honest, I am sad. I know that the girls and i will have a blast anyway. I just like the family memories. I will have pictures when we get back. Have a great 3 day weekend.

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