Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What the heck have I been up to?

I have been really busy. I know, right? Well I will give you a Cliff's Notes version of the past few weeks.

1. July 4th. Hooray. At 8:30, after watching the 5000 flowers twirl on the ground, the girls asked to go back in the house because they were "bored"   PICTURES

2. July 7th. This is where I work. It was filmed on June 26th. ABC came in and they were originally supposed to film just the training but they got wind of the finance dept's pinewood derby we were having and filmed it. Then they caught another wind of the toga awards Finance was having later that night and filmed that too. We ended up being in it more than we thought. for the record.


(A) The school bus was mine. I painted it. It was awesome.

(B) I am in the part where Tony offers everyone $2000 to quit. I am leaning against the wall wearing a white t shirt.

3. July 12th Jeff and my 15th anniversary of our first date. 15 years!  We went to a Perry Ferrell and Dave Navarro concert where they were two hours late and showed up drunk where I heard (we left) they only sang two songs. The tickets were free from work so I didn't really care. We went out after and had a few drinks and oysters.

4. I entered Minnie in a ugliest pet contest at work and I won first place! I won because of the caption I wrote.


"This is Minnie and she looks like a burn victim. She is really mean and
nasty. We have had her for three years and she hates our entire family.
She is ungrateful even though we rescued her from the animal shelter
where they took her from the streets where she was undoubtedly whoring
herself for vittles and catnip.  She only lets us pet her on her terms.
She only stays in the master bedroom even though the door is open and
she can come and go as she pleases. She is also super fat. When she
jumps from the dresser to the floor the ceiling light over the dining
room table sways a little. Minnie is ugly on the inside and out"  I won a $40 gift card from Petsmart.

5. I got my cholesterol checked and it is not good. My score is 224 (normal is 100-199) and my LDL is 149. (normal is 0-99) so it is diet and oatmeal for me for a while.

6. Jeff starts work again in two weeks!!!


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