Monday, July 21, 2008

Minnie is an ugly cat

Since Minnie won us the $40 gift certificate from Pet smart, we got her a gift from there.  We ended up getting her a new fish to stare at. Ever since Harry Potter 2, the betta died she has been bummed out. She loved to watch him and scare the crap out of him.  So we got a new little bowl, a tree and a beautiful lavender betta and we named it Herman after Jeff’s grandfather. Plus Alyssa really digs that name. Minnie was beside herself with glee. I am just kidding on that. Minnie shows absolully no emotion except for hate and anger. But she eyeballed that fish all night. This morning I found a puddle on the ground and the plastic tree on the floor. I checked the fish and he was obviously frightened since he pooped himself and was too scared to take it off. I picked up the little wet tree and put it on the counter. By the time Jeff woke up the little tree was in front of our bed on the floor. Jeff was impressed by how Minnie lifted the tree out since it was embedded under aquarium rocks. I told him anger and hatred makes you strong.

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