Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's the best of both Worlds

So we had a pretty cool weekend. On Saturday we all sat down with our 3 –D glasses to watch Hannah Montana , the Best of Both Worlds concert on Disney Channel.

They girls were so excited!

Even Jeff watched.

The last time we got 3-D glasses for a movie it was swamp thing. You had to get the glasses at Wendy’s. We watched on our TV that was on top of another TV. The effect actually sucked. Jeff remembers being completely disappointed because he had a black and white TV at the time which by the way, does not give off a 3 – D effect.

 On Sunday was my company’s Vendor Appreciation Party at rain in The Palms Hotel. Jeff and I got a room in case we drank too much. The party was crazy! 2000 people were there. The club had these sort of Cirque gymnasts on a spinning globe attached to the ceilings. There were also fire twirlers, a balloon maker, and penguins. Yes, The CEO rented penguins.  CRAZY!


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loraloo0604 said...

The picture of you two is so awesome!  They had penguins?  LOL