Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's the best of both Worlds

So we had a pretty cool weekend. On Saturday we all sat down with our 3 –D glasses to watch Hannah Montana , the Best of Both Worlds concert on Disney Channel.

They girls were so excited!

Even Jeff watched.

The last time we got 3-D glasses for a movie it was swamp thing. You had to get the glasses at Wendy’s. We watched on our TV that was on top of another TV. The effect actually sucked. Jeff remembers being completely disappointed because he had a black and white TV at the time which by the way, does not give off a 3 – D effect.

 On Sunday was my company’s Vendor Appreciation Party at rain in The Palms Hotel. Jeff and I got a room in case we drank too much. The party was crazy! 2000 people were there. The club had these sort of Cirque gymnasts on a spinning globe attached to the ceilings. There were also fire twirlers, a balloon maker, and penguins. Yes, The CEO rented penguins.  CRAZY!


Monday, July 21, 2008

Minnie is an ugly cat

Since Minnie won us the $40 gift certificate from Pet smart, we got her a gift from there.  We ended up getting her a new fish to stare at. Ever since Harry Potter 2, the betta died she has been bummed out. She loved to watch him and scare the crap out of him.  So we got a new little bowl, a tree and a beautiful lavender betta and we named it Herman after Jeff’s grandfather. Plus Alyssa really digs that name. Minnie was beside herself with glee. I am just kidding on that. Minnie shows absolully no emotion except for hate and anger. But she eyeballed that fish all night. This morning I found a puddle on the ground and the plastic tree on the floor. I checked the fish and he was obviously frightened since he pooped himself and was too scared to take it off. I picked up the little wet tree and put it on the counter. By the time Jeff woke up the little tree was in front of our bed on the floor. Jeff was impressed by how Minnie lifted the tree out since it was embedded under aquarium rocks. I told him anger and hatred makes you strong.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What the heck have I been up to?

I have been really busy. I know, right? Well I will give you a Cliff's Notes version of the past few weeks.

1. July 4th. Hooray. At 8:30, after watching the 5000 flowers twirl on the ground, the girls asked to go back in the house because they were "bored"   PICTURES

2. July 7th. This is where I work. It was filmed on June 26th. ABC came in and they were originally supposed to film just the training but they got wind of the finance dept's pinewood derby we were having and filmed it. Then they caught another wind of the toga awards Finance was having later that night and filmed that too. We ended up being in it more than we thought. for the record.


(A) The school bus was mine. I painted it. It was awesome.

(B) I am in the part where Tony offers everyone $2000 to quit. I am leaning against the wall wearing a white t shirt.

3. July 12th Jeff and my 15th anniversary of our first date. 15 years!  We went to a Perry Ferrell and Dave Navarro concert where they were two hours late and showed up drunk where I heard (we left) they only sang two songs. The tickets were free from work so I didn't really care. We went out after and had a few drinks and oysters.

4. I entered Minnie in a ugliest pet contest at work and I won first place! I won because of the caption I wrote.


"This is Minnie and she looks like a burn victim. She is really mean and
nasty. We have had her for three years and she hates our entire family.
She is ungrateful even though we rescued her from the animal shelter
where they took her from the streets where she was undoubtedly whoring
herself for vittles and catnip.  She only lets us pet her on her terms.
She only stays in the master bedroom even though the door is open and
she can come and go as she pleases. She is also super fat. When she
jumps from the dresser to the floor the ceiling light over the dining
room table sways a little. Minnie is ugly on the inside and out"  I won a $40 gift card from Petsmart.

5. I got my cholesterol checked and it is not good. My score is 224 (normal is 100-199) and my LDL is 149. (normal is 0-99) so it is diet and oatmeal for me for a while.

6. Jeff starts work again in two weeks!!!


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pretty nifty

If you have On Demand, please do this:

Go to Free Zone, then comedies, then Comedy Net. There you will see two movies my brother made from his Barry series. Pretty cool. The weird part is, I did not know they were on there. Jeff and I were browsing for something to watch when we came across his art. I freaked and said that it looked just like my brothers art. Jeff said it looked pretty damned close. (actual saying) Turned out that it was his clips. Warning* If you are unfamiliar with my brothers stuff then be prepared not to understand it. I don't get it either.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Yesterday I told Alyssa to make sure that she and her sister put on suntan lotion on their face before they went to camp so they don't get a sunburn. She didn't know what i was talking about. Why? Because it isn't called suntan lotion anymore. It is SUNBLOCK. How friggin old am I? She read me the riot act on how getting a tan isn't good for you and how they need SPF 5000 because she is practically albino. Then she whipped out her tube of Clinique Sunblock lotion that each kid in her class was given during field day. Retail value? $18.50.