Sunday, June 8, 2008

a wowser weekend!

I had a cool beans weekend. Abbe's nephew, Joe is the Maitre' De at Red Square at Mandalay Bay. He is a real doll and he hooked Abbe up with a wonderful dinner at some of the restaurants there. She had friends from Florida in town and he hooked us up big time! We started the evening at China Grill. We had lychee shots and an amuse bouche of tuna tar tar on a cucumber with a mandarin orange. We left there to go to Rum Jungle and had a grave digger shot and an amuse bouche of this crazy good shrimp, tostada, seaweed thing that was my favorite of the whole evening. From there we went to our dinner reservations at Red Square. The only word I can think about is decadent! The chefs kept sending dishes out for us to try. We also took a tour in the Vodka Vault. It is kept at 5 - 7 degrees for customers to store their personal vodka bottles in at $5000 a year!!!! I felt like royalty. It was truly magical. Check out the AMAZING pictures here.

It was also Alyssa's 11th birthday party. She had 5 friends over for a sleep over. Plus Gage and Damen because they haven't been to any of the girls' parties because they have been all girl so it was a treat to have them with us. And to have everyone sleep over well, that was a first for me. It was very loud and screechy/ Everyone conked out at midnight and woke up again at 7. We took everyone who could go to IHOP for breakfast. Alyssa had a blast. My baby, she is eleven. Well, she will be tomorrow at 4:16 PM. Pictures of her party are here!

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