Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sex and the Cyndi

You cannot possibly understand the passion I have for Sex and The City TV series. I watch it continuously (Not the TBS versions) and have read the book about 5 times. So when I heard about the movie I was very happy to say the least. I was NOT disappointed AT ALL!!!!  It is fabulous and perfect and amazing and Abbe and I cannot stop talking about it. She went with her nephew and sister and I went with my mom and her friend, Harriet. That's right folks, I went to see SEX and the City with my mommy. Fortunately there were only a few scenes that I had to hide under my seat for. I don't watch that show because it has crazy sex stories, I watch it because it is an extremely powerful show about friendships with women. It is that what draws me too it.

The movie was fab and I plan on seeing it again many times over.

I will not however go again and sit between my mom and her friend, Harriet because they would not stop squawking before the movie started. At one time I asked them if my breasts were getting in the way of their conversation and if they wanted me to move so they could sit together. They told me to shut up. No really, they did. I understand that finding the perfect gift for their gay hairstylists birthday was very important but I didn't need to hear all about it while I was shoveling popcorn in my mouth.

Alyssa is having her 11th birthday party this Saturday. My baby is 11 and all I can think about is that she could get into Hogwarts now. I have a really bad problem.

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