Thursday, May 1, 2008

Helo there smile

So I got a job at corporate offices. It is unlike any place I have ever been before. These people thrive on employee happiness. Their philosophy is happy employees + fun and happiness = more dedication, less turnover. Hello? The last place I worked was truly hideous. Everyone there was so cold and tense. The owner was a fastidious angry man who people feared. This owner… doesn’t even have his own office because he believes no one should be above anyone else. He sits out in a cubicle with everyone else. This a multimillion dollar business and the CEO sits in a cubby! It is a very positive place to live. They provide a free lunch all day which everyone has warned me of the Zappos 15. I am trying to do well. In the giant cooler filled with drinks of every kind (including Perrier) I have only chosen juices and water. In the afternoon I drink a diet Dr Pepper for energy. The health bars and fruit they provide in all the break rooms help too. It is crazy! On Monday I go into a 4 week extensive “boot camp” to get to know all about the company. When I get back from training I will be past my 30 days and I will eligible for my health insurance for which the company pays 100% for employee and over 50% for dependants.  I am the administrative assistant for the finance department. I also set up all there special events for the department. So far I love it. Keep that in mind. Day 4- I love it.

There is also some changes in the Jeff department. After 4 years of overly dedicated service, He has put in his two weeks notice to Bass Pro Shops and has accepted a position for more money and less hours. I will tell you where when he starts. Which will be in July. He will train at another store until his own opens in September. In the meantime, He and I have switched role as house mommy and I am ok with that. I like using my brain again. Jeff prefers to be called Coco, The house boy though. The girls are ecstatic to have him home. Keep in mind that he has worked 60-70 hours a week for the last year.

 As far as money goes, I am working now, we saved a little and Hello May money from the Government. We will be ok.

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frogsoupdeluxe said...

Best of luck! This job sounds great. Can I do an on-line application, or do I need to apply in person? I hope you're happy there for a long time!