Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Are you still there?? I am so sorry. To my 4 readers, I am so sorry. I have been so busy. This working everyday thing is wiping me out. I am currently in my last week of training for my job. Everyone, regardless of position has to take the same training course. It is from 7 AM to 4 PM every day. I live very far from my work so I have to leave the house at 6 to get there just in time. So I wake up at 5 :20. It stinks. But I do like getting off at 4. I also kinda like that paycheck thingie. It is pretty awesome.

Most of the people in my class are young enough to be my daughters. They are in their late teens to early twenties. That kind of freaks me out a little.  But it is cool. I am anxious to start my real position in the Finance department.

Anyway, We have been busy busy little bees. We are trying to fix up the back yard. Summer is coming. Even though we had the coldest freakin Memorial Day I can ever remember. We went to Abbe's Lagoon as usual and as she put it, "it is as if we are in Amity Island on the 4th of July." ( From Jaws... Hello??) Nobody was in the water. FREEZING. But the girls still had fun. For the 5th year in a row, they won the limbo contest and won gift certificates. We don't even live in the community!!!

This Saturday was Nicole's son, Gage's 8th birthday, which was, funny enough, a pool party. It rained ice cold rain all day. But the kids still swam. They are crazy. Emma was a lovely shade of blue for most of the afternoon.

We are actually enjoying each other as a family with Jeff home. I love having CoCo the house boy whip up amazing dinner concoctions every night. And the laundry and dishes are always done. He is a much better house mommy than I was.

School is out next week. Alyssa's birthday is in two weeks. She is having a ........*gasp* sleep over. I limited her to eight kids including her sister and herself. I know, I suck. But she was happy with that. Being the big whiner I am, I am also having a birthday party and sleep over that night. Nicole and Abbe are staying over too. We will be drinking Cosmos and playing truth or dare while the kids watch the chipmunks or something stupid like that. In case you are wondering, I am celebrating my 38th birthday again since this one was crap tastic. Abbe and Nicole better get me good gifts. All I am saying is that it better rhyme with hony. and start with a "P".


loraloo0604 said...

Yeah, waking up at 5ish sucks.  I do it too.  Even on weekends... the kid rises with the sun.  She definitely didn't get that from me!

A sleepover!  Those are so fun.  Until you're the parent.  LOL!  I'm not looking forward to shushing little girls all night.  Just break out the Tequila (for you, not them... although that might help).  You'll get through it with a smile.  I know I would!  Oh, but how cool you're having friends over too.  That makes it all better.  

They sure grow up fast, don't they.

amyjonhall said...

We missed you! And, happy birthday again (: