Monday, March 3, 2008

Abbe Road

I used to be so spontaneous. When I was a teen and in my 20's, Stace and I used to be so spontaneous. So radical so fun and crazy. Now, not so much. I have these here kids that I gotta take care of, not that I mind but it kind of puts a dent in the "lets run off to Cali" idea.

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in the world. If you live here long enough you get familiar with the word, "comp" A comp is a COMPlimentary ticket or meal, or drink or whatever makes Las Vegas exciting. It is a word I grew up with being a Vegas kid and having "interesting" relatives that dealt with a lot of "interesting" Vegas people.


But enough about that. Lets go back to being spontaneous or the lack thereof. My friend Abbe, has a teacher friend who is a moonlighting Bobbie at the Beatles Love show. A Bobbie is a British cop but in this case an usher. She occasionally gets tickets for the show and usually calls Abbe. Abbe has asked me to go about 200 times and something has always "come up" I know what they were.. excuses. I always said no and she was bummed but before she even hung up she managed to find someone else to go because these were hot tickets. So last night at 6 PM she made one last attempt. She said she had em, it started in an hour if I wasn't going she was asking someone else. And most likely tearing the garment. But I stunned her and myself and said I was going. Jeff had just come home from a 73  + hour shift and believe me, I was ready to say no again because I didn't want him to have to deal with the kids, but I went anyway, That's right, I went anyway. I wear the pants in the family. (So after he said I could go....) I went.

 It was magical. I used that word a lot. But it really was. I think that you have to be a true Beatles fan to enjoy it but maybe that is because I am. I am a die hard fan and the show kind of interpreted the song meanings through Cirque Du Soliel dancers and acrobats.


So thank you Abbe. Thank you for dragging my ass out to a wonderful show on a Sunday at 7. And thank you for the commemorative cup filled with Margarita goodness that I nursed through the entire show when I really wanted to suck that puppy down. It sits in my freezer in the tupperware waiting patiently for Google Friday.*



* Google Friday is when I sit with a box of wine and look up everyone I have ever known through Google. Alcohol helps because it numbs that fact that it is sad and pitiful to cyber stalk people in your past when you really have no intentions of ever talking to them again. You just want to assure yourself that their life is as depressing or more than yours.


loraloo0604 said...

How awesome that you went!!  I like the Beatles but not a big fan so I haven't even considered going, although I have heard elsewhere how awesome it is.

LMAO on the Google Fridays.  I have done that from time to time too, you are not alone!  :)  Ahhh... the beauty of the internet.

amyjonhall said...

I think you have coined a new term! I love it (: