Monday, February 18, 2008

Alyssa is gullible

The other day Alyssa was in her room reading with the door closed. Samra wanting in and was scratching at her door which she was obviously ignoring. I walked upstairs and knocked on her door. Alyssa opened it and there stood Samra waiting to get in. She looked around and saw no one else but the dog and said, "no way!". I was hiding in thieir bathroom and started laughing so hard because she honestly thought Samra had knocked on the door. Kids are so much fun to screw with.

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unwoundrodeo said...

They are for sure related! Anna Beth came bebopping into the kitchen. She was shakin her groove thing!! I checked to make sure she wasn't listening to her Ipod. She was not. The music was in her head. So I said, "you are dancing great. I love that song." She said, "thanks, that's cool you can hear it too!"
I LOVE LOVE LOVE those girls.