Thursday, February 28, 2008


I love my friggin kids. LOOOOOOOOOVE. This week in school it is Nevada Reading Week. A HUGE deal. They have events and guest readers and parties, etc all week long. They do D.E.A.R. During school hours where all the kids have to Drop Everything And Read. The kids have a blast. Yesterday was dress like your favorite literary character. Emma went as Dorothy and Alyssa went as the Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George. Here is a picture of them and a close up because I think they both have such angelic faces in the shot, I had to share.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jeff as a South Park Character

Me as one. Yes my hair is red now.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Not my daddy and not Alyssa and Emma's daddy but my big brother, Eric!!!!!!!!! Today is his birthday and he is going to be a first time DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 We are thrilled because lets face it, we all thought he would marry his MAC.

Anyway, Happy birthday and congratulations you are going to be a way cool pop.

Monday, February 18, 2008

If you love Spongebob, and I know you do...

The cast of Spongebob Squarepants redid some lines from Casablanca, Singing in the Rain, and The Godfather. Funny stuff.

Alyssa is gullible

The other day Alyssa was in her room reading with the door closed. Samra wanting in and was scratching at her door which she was obviously ignoring. I walked upstairs and knocked on her door. Alyssa opened it and there stood Samra waiting to get in. She looked around and saw no one else but the dog and said, "no way!". I was hiding in thieir bathroom and started laughing so hard because she honestly thought Samra had knocked on the door. Kids are so much fun to screw with.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Dear Mr Car Salesman

Dear Mr Car Salesman at Dealership #1,

You were really very nice. I like that you kept telling us that you are not in this for the commission because you are three times retired and you do this for fun. That was sweet but a bunch of crap, I'm sure. Who would voluntarily be an ass hole for "the fun of it". But you were kind and patient with our questions and if we ever do go back to dealership #1, I want you.

Dear Mr Car Salesman at Dealership #2,

Oh sweetie, you are adorable! I thought you were not allowed to drive these cars until you were 25 because of insurance. You cannot be a day over 16. You adorable little thing. What part of "this is the most we can do" don't you understand? I really did not appreciate you taking our car keys and refusing to release them for over an hour while your jerk off of a manager tried to talk us into paying $200 more than we wanted to a month. And speaking of your manager, You have got to inform him that the leather Members Only jacket with a thin tie screams CAR SALESMAN. He had more teeth than a shark and he was so fake I could poo. And I can almost bet that he has never been to Tyler, Texas in his life and if Jeff would have said he was from Neptune, that greasy manager would have said that he was from there too think he had a "familiar" with us and an edge.

Dear Mr Car Salesman at dealership #3,

You were nice too but it is unfortunate that the night before we saw "Trading Places" with Eddie Murphy and you sounded exactly like Billy Ray Valentine from the train scene.

Louis Winthorpe III: Nenge? Nenge Mboko? It is me, Lionel Joseph!
Billy Ray Valentine: Lionel! From the African Education Conference!
Louis Winthorpe III: Yah, mon, I was Director of Cultural Activities at the Haile Selassie Pavilion.
Billy Ray Valentine: I remember the pavilion - we had big fun there!
Both: Boo-boo yah, boo-boo yah, boo-boo yah, hah! Boo-boo yah, boo-boo yah, boo-boo yah, hah!
Billy Ray Valentine: Oh, memories!

It was all I could think about plus I was stressed because I could only understand every third word and I had to pick up the girls from school.

Dear MISS Car Sales WOMEN from car dealership #4,

I hate you. You are pond scum. You and your fake collagen lips and orange bottle tan, who are you fooling? You were painful to look at and I hate you with every fiber of my being. You called my husband to tell him that you have worked out a deal within our budget and to come down with your wife to sign. You promised him that the deal was what you two had agreed on. So after I pick up my kids from school and drive them down to the dealership you try to seduce the girls with your fancy hot chocolate. You sat down with us to say that you had to crunch some more numbers and it is actually $300 MORE A MONTH to get us in the car. $300 more a month that we had agreed on. You mad me cart my kids all the way here just so you can humiliate us in front of them. You are a whore. I hate you and I sincerely hope your lips explode. You are a very ugly women, inside and out.

We did NOT get a new car.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

I hate all of the pictures I took from Emma's Birthday party but this one

She got some really great gifts. Her favorite being from Grandma, A Hannah Montana doll and watch, and Abbe, The Bratz remote control car and doll and from my brother, Pixel Chix, which we all, including Jeff, fought to play with first. She got a groovy stash. But now it is is over and the next few months will be w whirlwind. I am excited to get to Texas and do our yearly trip there. Wheels are in motion, my friend. Also, Jeff is getting a new car tomorrow. Long story. Cliff's notes version is our loan co. said good job with the nice payments, what can we do for you, go buy a new car, we will finance you. The end. I will let you know what we end up with. I am hoping for a Barbie pink Hummer.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Emma Lemma Ding Dong is freakin 7 years old!!!!!


My sweet, crazy, baby, Emma, is turning 7 years old tomorrow. That is just NUT-TEEE. I just had her yesterday.

Seven is so not a baby anymore.

She is wacky and funny and just a sweet little girl when she wants to be but if you make her mad.... step back.


Happy Birthday Porkchop!!

 We love you madly!

Mommy, Daddy, and Alyssa