Sunday, January 20, 2008

We did more on this weekend than most do in a month

So busy. SO tired. Jeff left for another business trip yesterday. And you know how tense it makes me. He is in Reno for the Safari International Convention. Hopefully he can make some good contacts for the biz while he is there. So, if you have been a reader of mine for any amount of time, you know I go nuts when he is gone and try to be mother of the year. I try and fill the days with activities for the kids. I do this to keep them from missing their dad but also so I don't have to come up with any new conversations with them. We usually run out of things to say by day two. They get bored with me and we all grow grumpy.

Friday we went to the Hannah Montana concert.

Saturday we went to Disney's Princess on Ice show

Sunday (today) We went to Valley of Fire which is a Nevada State park about an hour from Vegas. We went to meet Nicole and Eric and the boys who are camping there for the weekend. We had a friggin blast. LOOK AT PICTURES!!

 We had fun and it was really pretty there. Tomorrow the girls go to Oatman, AZ with their youth group. They will be gone all day and I will be home twirling.

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