Wednesday, January 9, 2008

That's Danny????!!!!

We watched Hairspray last night and LOVED it!!! We are all big on musicals in this house and we thought it was way cute. One of our favorites is Grease and when I told Alyssa that Edna was the same guy who played Danny she didn't believe me.

Alyssa had her D.A.R.E graduation yesterday. It is a pretty big deal here. The 5th graders make a pledge to stay off drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes for the rest of their lives and make a commitment to help others. It was pretty impressive. I was really proud of her but she really needs to stop harrassing her daddy about smoking and stop leaving websites that he can go to for help in his hat. He has no choice but to smoke crouched behind his car tires now because he doesn't want the children yelling at him. I want him to quit too but I have to because for the crappy mood that follows for a few weeks after.

Two of the four fifth grade classes at the graduation and the police officer that made it all happen.

Alyssa getting her certificate.

Alyssa's class cheering.

Emma just gave Alyssa flowers.

Officer Shumaker


linda7377 said...

Great, great, great photos. You got the best photos at the program.

amyjonhall said...

what a great program! I don't think they do that here-- 5th grade seems young to be making a commitment for life!

cyndiblock said...

They want to get them before they hit middle school, where apparently all of the "good" drugs are.