Wednesday, December 24, 2008


If you were as hip as my kid you would know that was the hip texting lingo for ta ta for now. Tomorrow is Christmas and we leave for East Texas on Friday sometime in the late afternoon. The kids are bouncing off of the walls. I have a lot to do and plan. Laundry is no where near being done and shopping is still two days away. I wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays. I will have pictures when I get back in 2009. Thank you for giving me one more year of blog reading.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dance Ballerina Dance

Alyssa had her school dance recital on Saturday. Here is a link to them.
This is all proof that girls mature at different speeds. You should know that these are all 6th graders and some have boobies and well, some don't. Alyssa is totally ok will being a teeny tiny girl. She is petite. She gets it from her Paternal Bio Grandpa and her Maternal/ Paternal grandparents. Get that all?? I don't think any of them were actually over 5 ft tall. Emma is pretty teeny too. The girls in that class probably stuff anyway.
Anyway, enjoy.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Here?

Sam I am in the snow.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Todays post is sponsored by the letter J

I eat your baby belly nom nom nom nom. I eat you baby Jordan. I eat you. And you will cry and cry because you do not know who I am. But I will chew on your cheeks and lick your bald baby head. nom nom nom.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday and the month ahead

I was really sick yesterday. When the clouds are low and the pressure is so high I get a bad migraine. I woke up in pain. I went to my pottery class and was ok until I would go outside. I actually did really well in pottery despite my intense pain. It works for me I guess. But I didn’t quite make it home. I got really sick. It was bad and ugly and did not make me feel any better. I practically called in the house and told Jeff that I needed to shower and go back to bed. I slept for about two hours and woke up so we could go to Abbe’s house. We haven’t been over there in about 6-7 months and we missed it horribly. I was feeling better by then because it finally rained. I still managed to go to bed at 8PM. Other than hanging with Ab, It was a yucky day for me.
This month is going to get really stressful for me. I have three Holiday parties where I have to bake, a dance recital, three Orthodontist apts. Work classes, work, and a major trip back east to prepare for. I also signed up to sell things at a craft fair so I am trying to whip out my scarves. I am doing this to myself. I am shocked that I am not stick thin. I am shocked that I always manage to find time to eat.
I read all the time about these celebrities that say their weight loss technique is that they “forget” to eat because they are taking care of their kids. I take care of my kids; I have never forgotten to eat, ever. I have forgotten to work out, I have forgotten to purge, I have forgotten to chew, but I have never forgotten to eat.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend 2008

What a busy four days! I miss work! So lets start at the beginning. This is the Cliffs notes version
Raining raining raining. I was terrified driving to work because I could not see the road. It was cold and yucky. We made pancakes at work to make everyone feel cozy. I left at 12:30 so I could make it to Emma's thanksgiving show where she was a pilgrim. That night it was clean and cook for the next day.
Raining raining raining; Thanksgiving merriment, 16 people, Jeff deep fried a turkey it was yummy.
Shop, shop, shop.
Girls night out. Hibachi dinner and Jonas Brothers Concert. Sweetest words I have ever heard? : "Mommy can we go now?'
Pottery class! First day, loved it, very frustrating but awesome! Then Alyssa, Mom, and I saw Twilight.

OK People this is were the Cliffs notes ends.
I really liked this book. It took me a long time to get into the first one but I really started liking it. The last book was the best. The movie was very close to the book which is impressive. But I have complaints.
1. I hated the actor choices for the Cullen family. These people were supposed to be the most beautiful people on Earth. I didn't see that in these actors. Robert P is the exception. He is a tasty vittle. I just didn't think Rosalie was the right choice at all. Stephenie Meyer goes on and on about how stunning Rosalie was and I did not see that in Nikki Reed. Who I adoredby the way as writer and actress in 13. She is much better looking as a brunette. I thought that Carlisle should have been better looking too. The guy who played Jasper was creepy. I did see Alice that way though. She was exactly like I had pictured her.
2. The makeup on the vampires bothered me. It was too white and not consistent.
3. I wanted more.
I wanted to watch the rest of the books!!! And I am bummed that it may take years to complete.
I can't wait for Jacob is more involved because, hello... I am so team Jacob.
The bestest part??? The Harry Potter preview we got before the movie started.. It angers me so much that it has been pushed back to July. It is already finished!! Why the wait?
Pics from the weekend.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ouch! Baby Jordy

This face makes my tummy hurt. I am hoping to squeeze this baby in February.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I know I haven’t written in days. I am so consumed with Thanksgiving, work, and my Texas vacation that I have abandoned my deep thoughts.
On the subject of Thanksgiving, is it wrong for me to ask the guests to bring their own forks? I don’t have enough forks and plastic just doesn’t look right with china. Should I tell them that in our family we eat with our fingers? Should I tell them that they should show me how a piggy eats? (Ala Christmas Story) I will figure this out.
In the meantime I am way bummed that I have not seen Twilight yet. I have been cleaning, cooking, and living and was sorta sad that my 11 year old niece called me from Georgia called me on Saturday to tell me that she just saw it. In Georgia!! Where Superman 2 is still playing. I am re reading the first one because I read it so long ago and so fast that I want to brush up before I see the flick.
Alyssa is getting set for braces. We had our first consultation today and found out that braces cost the same as a 98 Hyundai. The monthly payments are the same too. So Alyssa better rock these straight teeth because she is going to need a ride to school in high school since she will be wearing her first car. The better she looks the more guys will want to drive her.
Anyway, Have a great Thanksgiving. Think of me as I serve 20 people with chopsticks.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Single mom weekend

Emma and Belle
One of the dishes

Jeff store is on the tippee toes of opening up.(finally!) So he is there most of the time stocking inventory. The difference between his old place and Sportsman's is that the old place believed in working their people on 18 -20 hour days until it was completely done , burning out the employees just in time for sales and events. Sportsman's only works their employees for 8-10 hours making sure they are rested and physically ready. Plus his manager is actually helping out busting his ass and making sure everything is right. Lets just say that his old guy was more comfortable telling people what to do and delegating. Jeff is very excited to get this place open and start working.

We are making plans to travel back to East Texas again. This time we are going for New Years. We are hoping to rent an RV too. We had done it twice before and we had the time of our life. Emma has never been in one. Unfortunately, they are very expensive to rent. If you are in the Vegas area and know someone that wants to rent out their RV let me know. It needs to be a driving RV, not a Pull behind. Let me know. We will take really good care of it and sign any papers you need for us to sign.

Any way, my mom and I took the girls to see Beauty and The Beast yesterday. It was really sweet and the costumes were amazing.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lime is the new pink

I am on a lime kick right now. I redid my upstairs bathroom in lime and yellow. What is up with that? Am I an old lady now? Do I gravitate towards bright neon colors? Should I but gold flats and glass tables? Both of which you can find in every home in Sun City where my parents live.

Blah blah, anyway... Within 48 hours I had three people in my life tell me that they were 8-12 weeks pregnant. Not everybody knows yet so I will keep the names secret until the baby is out of the bag.
I am so crazy happy for all of them but kinda sad and jealous for me. Since the run of fertile drama I had a few weeks ago I am kinda moody on the subject of babies. I text Jeff after I found out and said "so and so and so and so are both 8 weeks pregnant, I will be tearing out my heart and dipping it in acid later.. fyi" He text back, "do you want a baby?" I said I don't know. I love my girls. I don't always like them but I totally always LOVE them. They are pretty groovy little chicks and they can take care of themselves. They are fun to talk to and they make us laugh. No, I don't want another baby.
Tonight Jeff and I went to eat Sushi, where a infant was SCREEEEEEEEEECHING! SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEECHING and the parents were LAAAAAAAAAAAAUGHING. I wanted to MUUUUUUUUURDER them. What is up with that? Whenever the girls acted up in a restaurant we took them straight out. I don't think it is rocket science. I made up my mid right there that I was finito with the baby making. I am sorry mom but I am done. I may still get weepy from time to time and wonder what if... but this house is closed.

Whatever. The sushi was fab and we got their just in time for happy hour so it was all half price. Now we are too stuffed to even look at each other which is a shame because the kids are at moms.
Jeff is watching the rice expand in his belly while I keep tasting spider roll. Not romantic at all.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Yesterday was a crazy sad day for They had to lay of 125 people. This compnay has never had to do this before. It was very sad. Everybody was crying and hugging. I made the cut to stay but I have severe survivors guilt. Three of the people that trained me were let go. Zappos gave them all pay until the end of the year and 6 months of health insurance but it was still a huge blow. I have never worked for a company like this and I hope I stay for a very long time. But if the economy doesn't turn around soon, we are all screwed.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Get over it

It is what it is so just get over it! I don't want to hear about it for four years. You have to understand, this is 2008. You are going to have to adapt to change. Whining only annoys EVERYBODY around you.
For the record, I am a democrat. I did not base my vote because of race. Race was not even a factor. Which is more than I can say for why some people did not vote for Obama. I voted democrat because i think this country needs a change. I can only hope for the best. I have always loved McCain. I thought he was an amazing hero. I remember seeing him on David Letterman YEARS ago. I loved him and I was excited to see him run. He blew it for me when he chose Palin. She could not even control her own family. Her teenage daughter was pregnant. I felt that her appearances on Saturday night Live made her look as though the presidency was a joke. She was not taking it seriously.
It is as time for change. I am scared for Obama. I worry for those two little girls and that some KKK yahoo will destroy him because they were never taught tolerance, only disgusting hatred and ugliness.
When people cannot accept me as a Jew it upsets me. How people can base their opinions on someone just because of their religion, gender or color confuses me and makes me sad. People should look at people as humans.

These are just my thoughts. If you don't like it, get your own blog.

And this goes out to YOU: Just because someone thinks differently from you does NOT mean they are wrong. It means they have a different opinion.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Perverts and Foreclosures

The girls are really excited about trick or treating this year. It is the first time we are doing it in our own neighborhood. According to the news, with a huge amount of house in foreclosure it may be a quiet Halloween. So when the houses are dark there is a good chance that it may really be vacant instead of people not wanting to give out candy and are just hiding in their house with the lights out. Also in the news, There are letting parents know that Sexual predators will have a pumpkin on their door with a NO CANDY written across it. So we are either going to be skipping houses because of the economy or skipping because of society. Actually, According to there are no known predators in our zip code.
Jeff is mad because I bought pretzels to give out this year, He thinks kids will egg our house in protest. I think he is angry that I didn't buy Reese's peanut butter cups which are his favorite.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I am on Oprah!

Very Briefly. I am wearing a Zappos crown and shooting a nerf gun. Blink and I am gone.

So me... Cyndiblock : As seen on ABC Nightline and The Oprah Winfrey Show. HELLO!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday; I am no longer your Cougar

I love you so much. Up one hill and down another.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


To become an official follower of my blog you have to get a gmail account. It is free and easy and hey.. An extra email account nobody needs to know about except your lover. You can still read my blog but I am not sure you can comment and I am all about the comments even though you never do.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hello Y'all

Welcome to my new home.
It actually works out well because I upload my pictures from PICASA and they go to a blogger site.
We will return to our regularly scheduled blog after the AOL JOURNAL mishap.
Thank you for turning in.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Status of Blog TBD

I got this email today.

Dear AOL Journals user,

We’re sorry to inform you that on Oct. 31, 2008, AOL® Journals will be shut down permanently. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

It’s very important that you save your Journals content before the shutdown. We're working on a way to easily move your Journal to another blogging service -- you can expect an email within the next week with more details about how to do it. We want the transition to go as smoothly as possible for you, so you’ll have two choices. You can either save your information manually and find another place to blog on your own, or choose to automatically transfer your Journal to a different blogging service we’ve selected.

In the meantime, please bookmark the People Connection Blog, where you can find out more about AOL Journals. You can also subscribe to the People Connection Blog RSS feed to stay informed about any changes. We’ll be updating the People Connection Blog often, so please check it regularly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make this transition.


The AOL Journals Team

Sunday, September 28, 2008


My nephew, Jordan Henry says he is tired of Republicans running this country into the ground. OBAMA IN 08 !!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pics of Alyssa at the climbing wall

We went to the Greek Food Festival on Sunday and Alyssa climbed the inflatible climbing wall!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Be a better person

On a completely different note.....

On October 25th, the girls, Samra and I are walking the Creep Walk for the Arthritis Foundation. This is a sponsored event and the Finance team is trying to get the most donations. Make me look good. donate anything from $10 to a million and I will send you a 20% discount coupon to Please click here to see my personal site to donate. I will really really really like you. I won't just fake it like I have been.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

completely jacked up

The last post was not supposed to be posted. I hit cancel and for some reason it did not. Half of it was missing and there were errors in it. I have fixed it though and have added in the missing parts. It is complete now and I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You don't know what you got until it's gone

                         I had a trying week. My mom doesn’t like to me to air my dirty laundry in public but personally, I like to read about other people’s experiences on the internet that I can relate to. It makes me feel as though I am not alone. So If I can relate to one person, it will make me feel good. Part of this blog entry was taken from an email I sent to friends so If it sounds familiar to some, I apologize.

             I have PCOS which is poly cystic ovarian syndrome. Just cysts that keep growing on my ovaries. It is supposed to make you infertile, fat, and bleeding all the time. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago and it went away. Well, as you may have known, Jeff and I decided to try and have another baby three years ago and that never happened because of the PCOS which I had forgotten I had. So we gave up. We also actually gave up after Emma’s crazy 6th birthday party where we had 20 screaming little girls in our house for over three hours. Well the cysts came back about three months ago but worse than before. I was exhausted and going through about two pads every hour. It got pretty bad. There was maybe one or two days a month that I wasn't bleeding. Sorry if this is TMI.

             Well, on Friday I called the Dr because I was sick of it. I was exhausted and the cramps were killing me.  So they told me to come in this last Monday.  This was the day that my brother and his wife were having their baby. I had taken some blood tests and pee tests and everything to figure out what was going on with me.  I was sitting in the room waiting for my doctor, holding my phone because I knew I was going to get the call at any second because my sister in law went in for a c section. When the Dr came in I apologized for having the phone but explained to him what was going on. He asked me how I felt about that. I told him happy but a little jealous because Jeff and I had wanted another baby and it didn’t happen.  And he said, “What about this baby?”

             If you would have just told me that Mel Gibson was converting to Judaism, I wouldn’t have been as shocked as I was by what he told me.  I couldn’t even speak. I asked him how this happened and he said he didn’t know but it wasn’t all good. He was concerned that I was bleeding so much. And I had to go back to the lab to take more blood. I am not sure how this works but my levels were at 4000. If all was good my levels would be higher and that meant that my body was trying o keep the baby if they went down it meant that by body was trying to reject the baby and would eventually miscarriage. 


             Needless to say, I had a long talk with Jeff on the “what ifs.”  I was kind of excited. Honestly, I know that I am almost 100 years old but I thought it would be cool to have a baby with Alyssa and Emma there to help. I thought it would be cool to have a baby while working at Zappos because they are so amazing and supportive. And I also thought it would be cool because I was more patient now.

             The cons were that, Hello?? I am almost 100 years old. Having babies in your late 30 is for celebrities and people who have surrogates.  Also, I am tired now and too busy and my kids are already set in their ways and can make their own dinner when mommy is passed out on the couch after drinking too much Boones Farm Strawberry Hill. And, I already weigh 435; did I want to get any bigger?

             So either way, I had issues. Well it turns out my levels went down and my body would start to miscarriage soon. When he told me my options I was bummed. Honestly. Jeff however I find out was crazy relieved. He told me that if it would have happened then he would have been happy but if we had sat down and planned a baby then he would have tried to talk me out of it.   So I had three options. 1. A D& C which not only will take care of the miscarriage but will take care of my cysts as well. 2. Was to take a pill that would induce “labor” which in my case, the thing that is trying to leave my body... 3. Was to let it go naturally but that could take weeks and I am not into having a scene at work or at tap class for my daughter                       
      the D & C on Tuesday morning. crazy. I was horrible sad before.. And I was horrible sad after but now I am ok. Except I can’t get the bandage shmag off of my arm from the IV and I have a huge bruise.  

 An          I am ok. I mean it. I may or may not want a baby now. I have never been so torn in my life. But I know that I do not want to go through this again nor would I wish it on anyone. It was not a pleasant week.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

my 9-11 poem

I wrote this the week of 9-11-01 I copywrited it. I read a lot of poems that week and I never saw one like this. I think it is a pretty decent read.

The Radio woke her up with a start -

The voice from the box was speaking with heart.


A plane he said had crashed into the tower –

Another into the other, it happened this hour.


She arose with anticipation –

She listened along with the rest of the nation.


Her head was pounding; her eyes had a bruise –

She listened in pain to the rest of the news.


Her husband fought fire with passion and glory –

She knew he was there and listened to the story.


Many were dead, the innocent and the brave –

She hoped, deep down, one was her husband, Dave.


A strong man with the strength of ten –

An angry man, who beat her again and again.


She turned on the TV and sat up in her bed –

She sat in silence waiting to hear who and how many were dead.


With a cracked rib and a broken arm –

She watched as many ran from harm.


She continued to watch, Still in her nightgown -

When the day was over, the shock wore down.


The phone call she got was filled with despair –

She sat and listened and pretended to care.


No more slaps and no more hits –

He won’t be around any longer to work off his fits.


It was only then when she started to cry –

While the country mourned she began living her lie.


She mocked sadness and horror as people would call-

She nodded and wept; she had fooled them all.


For she on that Tuesday was given a freedom that she never knew –

While hundreds screamed and cried she knew what she had to do.


She covered her bruises, like she had done before –

This time with hope for something much, much, more.


A life she could live without threats and fear –

She looked in the mirror and she cried her first happy tear.


Cyndi Tatum 9-14-01






Friday, September 5, 2008

Pine Valley, Utah 2008

We had a really great time camping this last weekend. The kids had a blast. I may be a little bit too big and old to climb in and out of a tent but I still had a great time.  Jeff managed to make it up Saturday afternoon and stayed until Sunday afternoon. That was wonderful! What I learned on this trip is:

1.       Don’t run around the fire because Nicole will yell at you.

2.       I have gray hair growing

3.       The creek is cold and wet

4.       How to make churro poppers

5.       I use too much mayo

6.       My eyeballs start to ache when I hike

7.       I don’t hike well and I cannot go down a hill or jump over rocks in a creek at all.

8.       Noodle pudding is best when eaten freshly baked from the oven and served immediately.

9.       The kids go through 40 changes of clothing whenever we camp

10.   Eric is quite funny when he wants to be.

 Pictures from the camping trip are here

I am cherishing any time I have of him because hunting season is among us and I will lose him to cami’s and a gun.  Dove season started last week which really makes me giggle. Jeff has never hunted doves and in my mind it can’t be much of a challenge. They seem pretty dumb.  Can’t you just show up to a wedding and wait for a bunch of them to be released? And how hard is it to find them? They are the only birds flying around with olive branches in their beaks.



Friday, August 29, 2008

5 days down 175 to go.

The girls finished their first week of school. They totally love every second of it.  Tomorrow we will celebrate by taking our annual trip to Pine Valley, Utah to go camping. This year will be a bit different because Jeff can't go. I am so crazy bummed out by this. His Henderson store will be opening on Monday and they just received their shipment of 2000 guns which need to be labeled, scanned, assembled and stocked. It is 9:22 PM on a Friday night and they are just starting now. Meaning that there is no way he will be done by tomorrow afternoon to go with us. I promised him that I would not nag him at all about this job. But I have to honest, I am sad. I know that the girls and i will have a blast anyway. I just like the family memories. I will have pictures when we get back. Have a great 3 day weekend.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I got it from here

First day of school!! The girls were up at 5:45! I never seen them get dressed so fast! This year was a bit new. Emma was at her school alone. Meaning that her sister wasn't there anymore to help her out and Alyssa started Middle school and got on a school bus for the first time. I started crying as soon as I pulled away from the bus stop. I am such a pussy.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Utah is for Tatum

It has been a few days, huh? Well my lordy, the days are flying by so fast, I haven’t had time to breathe. As you may know, Jeff was in ST George for the past two weeks for training for his new job.  He will be the hunting manager at Sportsman’s Warehouse. They didn’t have any in Vegas  and the closest was there in Utah.

 They are opening two here in town. One in Henderson about 8 minutes from my job and one in North Las Vegas area. That will be Jeff’s store. The one in Henderson opens around September 6 and the NLV will open November 9. In the meantime, Jeff is helping stock the Henderson store and will work there until it is time to stock his own.

Jeff and I both shlub our way to Henderson for work but we can’t carpool because he never knows when he will get off.  Hopefully when the store actually opens he will get a more exact schedule. 

 Anyway, for the past three weeks we have driven back and forth the Utah. It is not a bad trip at all. The first time was to get Big Daddy settled in, the next was to spend the weekend with him and the last time was to go to Tuacahn to see two plays. Sound of Music and Les Miserables. As usual, the performances were crazy good and I was practically hyperventilating while crying during Les Miserables, my favorite play of all time.



The girls start school on Monday. Alyssa will be in middle school and will have to take a bus. She is super excited and the school offers some amazing classes. She will be taking dance and drama as part of her curriculum. Much different than when I went to 6th grade. Emma is starting 2nd and is all ready with her clothes and supplies.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I laughed so hard I peed a little

Yup, I sure did. I laughed really hard when I woke up this morning and saw the Colorado River draining out of my garage. Cyndi + August = sadness. Yuppers, it sure did blow just like we thought it would. That silly ol' water heater. What? What is that you say? Jeff was home for how many months and nothing happened? I know! Isn't that just the funniest thing you ever did hear?

Big Daddy hopped on his white steed and galloped all the way home to save the JAPrincess. He just kissed her goodbye and galloped back to slaying his dragons in St George, Utah. JAPrincess loves him so.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Week one

Week one of Project single mom is over. On Sunday we followed Jeff in his truck to St George and got him settled in to the hotel. We had a very nice day. But as soon as I got home things changed. I started to do the dishes and noticed that there wasn't any hot water. So I called him and he told me to check the pilot light on the water heater. Now, lets just say that I am not a handy woman. I am Jewish. We call peole to fix things, we do not fix anything ourselves. Jeff went through the steps with me to re light it. I just knew I wasn't walking out of there with eyebrows but he assured me that it will be ok. And it would have been if I had a lighter long enough to fit through the area to relight it. I had to attach a match stick to a pencil and light that. I am not joking. It worked and I had hot water.. for 24 hours.. and it went out again. So I called Jeff...again. And he said to look around for water for puddles and hey!! There was water around the water heater. not good. He told me to turn off the pilot light and the water valve and to either get used to cold showers or shower at my moms but that water heater is about to blow.

Anyway, this is what we have done for a week. I drop the girls off at camp in Summerlin, Then I drive to work in Green Valley, then I drive back to Summerlin to pick up the girls. Then I drive to my moms to shave, shower, and shine, then I drive back to the Lakes where I live.  Google this I put 350 miles on my car this week.

We actually went back up to St George on Friday.  We had a great weekend. We swam, went shopping for school clothes, and swam some more. We are home now. Funny enough, we will be going back to St George on Friday with my mom because we have tickets to Tuacahn. We missed last year and it made me sad. This year is Les Miserables and The Sound of Music. I am very excited and hope it does not rain.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's the best of both Worlds

So we had a pretty cool weekend. On Saturday we all sat down with our 3 –D glasses to watch Hannah Montana , the Best of Both Worlds concert on Disney Channel.

They girls were so excited!

Even Jeff watched.

The last time we got 3-D glasses for a movie it was swamp thing. You had to get the glasses at Wendy’s. We watched on our TV that was on top of another TV. The effect actually sucked. Jeff remembers being completely disappointed because he had a black and white TV at the time which by the way, does not give off a 3 – D effect.

 On Sunday was my company’s Vendor Appreciation Party at rain in The Palms Hotel. Jeff and I got a room in case we drank too much. The party was crazy! 2000 people were there. The club had these sort of Cirque gymnasts on a spinning globe attached to the ceilings. There were also fire twirlers, a balloon maker, and penguins. Yes, The CEO rented penguins.  CRAZY!


Monday, July 21, 2008

Minnie is an ugly cat

Since Minnie won us the $40 gift certificate from Pet smart, we got her a gift from there.  We ended up getting her a new fish to stare at. Ever since Harry Potter 2, the betta died she has been bummed out. She loved to watch him and scare the crap out of him.  So we got a new little bowl, a tree and a beautiful lavender betta and we named it Herman after Jeff’s grandfather. Plus Alyssa really digs that name. Minnie was beside herself with glee. I am just kidding on that. Minnie shows absolully no emotion except for hate and anger. But she eyeballed that fish all night. This morning I found a puddle on the ground and the plastic tree on the floor. I checked the fish and he was obviously frightened since he pooped himself and was too scared to take it off. I picked up the little wet tree and put it on the counter. By the time Jeff woke up the little tree was in front of our bed on the floor. Jeff was impressed by how Minnie lifted the tree out since it was embedded under aquarium rocks. I told him anger and hatred makes you strong.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What the heck have I been up to?

I have been really busy. I know, right? Well I will give you a Cliff's Notes version of the past few weeks.

1. July 4th. Hooray. At 8:30, after watching the 5000 flowers twirl on the ground, the girls asked to go back in the house because they were "bored"   PICTURES

2. July 7th. This is where I work. It was filmed on June 26th. ABC came in and they were originally supposed to film just the training but they got wind of the finance dept's pinewood derby we were having and filmed it. Then they caught another wind of the toga awards Finance was having later that night and filmed that too. We ended up being in it more than we thought. for the record.


(A) The school bus was mine. I painted it. It was awesome.

(B) I am in the part where Tony offers everyone $2000 to quit. I am leaning against the wall wearing a white t shirt.

3. July 12th Jeff and my 15th anniversary of our first date. 15 years!  We went to a Perry Ferrell and Dave Navarro concert where they were two hours late and showed up drunk where I heard (we left) they only sang two songs. The tickets were free from work so I didn't really care. We went out after and had a few drinks and oysters.

4. I entered Minnie in a ugliest pet contest at work and I won first place! I won because of the caption I wrote.


"This is Minnie and she looks like a burn victim. She is really mean and
nasty. We have had her for three years and she hates our entire family.
She is ungrateful even though we rescued her from the animal shelter
where they took her from the streets where she was undoubtedly whoring
herself for vittles and catnip.  She only lets us pet her on her terms.
She only stays in the master bedroom even though the door is open and
she can come and go as she pleases. She is also super fat. When she
jumps from the dresser to the floor the ceiling light over the dining
room table sways a little. Minnie is ugly on the inside and out"  I won a $40 gift card from Petsmart.

5. I got my cholesterol checked and it is not good. My score is 224 (normal is 100-199) and my LDL is 149. (normal is 0-99) so it is diet and oatmeal for me for a while.

6. Jeff starts work again in two weeks!!!


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pretty nifty

If you have On Demand, please do this:

Go to Free Zone, then comedies, then Comedy Net. There you will see two movies my brother made from his Barry series. Pretty cool. The weird part is, I did not know they were on there. Jeff and I were browsing for something to watch when we came across his art. I freaked and said that it looked just like my brothers art. Jeff said it looked pretty damned close. (actual saying) Turned out that it was his clips. Warning* If you are unfamiliar with my brothers stuff then be prepared not to understand it. I don't get it either.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Yesterday I told Alyssa to make sure that she and her sister put on suntan lotion on their face before they went to camp so they don't get a sunburn. She didn't know what i was talking about. Why? Because it isn't called suntan lotion anymore. It is SUNBLOCK. How friggin old am I? She read me the riot act on how getting a tan isn't good for you and how they need SPF 5000 because she is practically albino. Then she whipped out her tube of Clinique Sunblock lotion that each kid in her class was given during field day. Retail value? $18.50. 

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I am scheduling my outlook to remind me to write at least twice a week.

I am working, yo- i am busy, boo. I had to plan a toga party, organize a move, and make a car for a pinewood derby. Give me a break. I had to do this so I would be nominated for Employee of the week. And I was. After two months. And this is with several hundred employees, yo. I likeeeeee my jobeeeee. Yo.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008



This is my nephew. Apparently hailing a cab since he lives in New York. Actually, he lives in my Sister in law's womb at the current time but He will be renting an apartment on 34th and Broadway around September.

 When I asked my sister in law about this picture she thought it looked like the car scene from Titanic when Rose and Jack were getting in on in the back seat.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

A mild day at home. We had my parents over for dinner and basically just chilled out for the rest of the day. Jeff got some Oakley Boots, a pair of shorts and a tooth tunes toothbrush that plays a KISS song when you brush your teeth. It was a very nice relaxing day. I have been so tired lately that it is hard to get up to do anything. I should be used to working by now. It has been almost two months.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Pumpkin head!!

Alyssa is 11 years old today.

Dear Alyssa,

We love you so much and we are so proud of how beautiful, smart, and amazing you have turned out to be. We can only hope that you love us a quarter of how much we love you.

Love Daddy, Mommy, and Emma.

P.S. Your letter from Hogwarts arrived by owl. It is on the counter in the kitchen.


Alyssa's 1st birthday

10 years later

Sunday, June 8, 2008

a wowser weekend!

I had a cool beans weekend. Abbe's nephew, Joe is the Maitre' De at Red Square at Mandalay Bay. He is a real doll and he hooked Abbe up with a wonderful dinner at some of the restaurants there. She had friends from Florida in town and he hooked us up big time! We started the evening at China Grill. We had lychee shots and an amuse bouche of tuna tar tar on a cucumber with a mandarin orange. We left there to go to Rum Jungle and had a grave digger shot and an amuse bouche of this crazy good shrimp, tostada, seaweed thing that was my favorite of the whole evening. From there we went to our dinner reservations at Red Square. The only word I can think about is decadent! The chefs kept sending dishes out for us to try. We also took a tour in the Vodka Vault. It is kept at 5 - 7 degrees for customers to store their personal vodka bottles in at $5000 a year!!!! I felt like royalty. It was truly magical. Check out the AMAZING pictures here.

It was also Alyssa's 11th birthday party. She had 5 friends over for a sleep over. Plus Gage and Damen because they haven't been to any of the girls' parties because they have been all girl so it was a treat to have them with us. And to have everyone sleep over well, that was a first for me. It was very loud and screechy/ Everyone conked out at midnight and woke up again at 7. We took everyone who could go to IHOP for breakfast. Alyssa had a blast. My baby, she is eleven. Well, she will be tomorrow at 4:16 PM. Pictures of her party are here!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sex and the Cyndi

You cannot possibly understand the passion I have for Sex and The City TV series. I watch it continuously (Not the TBS versions) and have read the book about 5 times. So when I heard about the movie I was very happy to say the least. I was NOT disappointed AT ALL!!!!  It is fabulous and perfect and amazing and Abbe and I cannot stop talking about it. She went with her nephew and sister and I went with my mom and her friend, Harriet. That's right folks, I went to see SEX and the City with my mommy. Fortunately there were only a few scenes that I had to hide under my seat for. I don't watch that show because it has crazy sex stories, I watch it because it is an extremely powerful show about friendships with women. It is that what draws me too it.

The movie was fab and I plan on seeing it again many times over.

I will not however go again and sit between my mom and her friend, Harriet because they would not stop squawking before the movie started. At one time I asked them if my breasts were getting in the way of their conversation and if they wanted me to move so they could sit together. They told me to shut up. No really, they did. I understand that finding the perfect gift for their gay hairstylists birthday was very important but I didn't need to hear all about it while I was shoveling popcorn in my mouth.

Alyssa is having her 11th birthday party this Saturday. My baby is 11 and all I can think about is that she could get into Hogwarts now. I have a really bad problem.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Are you still there?? I am so sorry. To my 4 readers, I am so sorry. I have been so busy. This working everyday thing is wiping me out. I am currently in my last week of training for my job. Everyone, regardless of position has to take the same training course. It is from 7 AM to 4 PM every day. I live very far from my work so I have to leave the house at 6 to get there just in time. So I wake up at 5 :20. It stinks. But I do like getting off at 4. I also kinda like that paycheck thingie. It is pretty awesome.

Most of the people in my class are young enough to be my daughters. They are in their late teens to early twenties. That kind of freaks me out a little.  But it is cool. I am anxious to start my real position in the Finance department.

Anyway, We have been busy busy little bees. We are trying to fix up the back yard. Summer is coming. Even though we had the coldest freakin Memorial Day I can ever remember. We went to Abbe's Lagoon as usual and as she put it, "it is as if we are in Amity Island on the 4th of July." ( From Jaws... Hello??) Nobody was in the water. FREEZING. But the girls still had fun. For the 5th year in a row, they won the limbo contest and won gift certificates. We don't even live in the community!!!

This Saturday was Nicole's son, Gage's 8th birthday, which was, funny enough, a pool party. It rained ice cold rain all day. But the kids still swam. They are crazy. Emma was a lovely shade of blue for most of the afternoon.

We are actually enjoying each other as a family with Jeff home. I love having CoCo the house boy whip up amazing dinner concoctions every night. And the laundry and dishes are always done. He is a much better house mommy than I was.

School is out next week. Alyssa's birthday is in two weeks. She is having a ........*gasp* sleep over. I limited her to eight kids including her sister and herself. I know, I suck. But she was happy with that. Being the big whiner I am, I am also having a birthday party and sleep over that night. Nicole and Abbe are staying over too. We will be drinking Cosmos and playing truth or dare while the kids watch the chipmunks or something stupid like that. In case you are wondering, I am celebrating my 38th birthday again since this one was crap tastic. Abbe and Nicole better get me good gifts. All I am saying is that it better rhyme with hony. and start with a "P".

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

oh my

Looks like I haven't written in a few days. I am just really tired. I promise that I will update this weekend.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cheese Nips and cherry pie at 5:45 AM

This morning at 5:45 AM Emma burst into my room with a tray table of Cheese Nips, Dry cereal and a slice of cherry pie for Mothers Day. I think I thanked her and told her that was was still very early and to go back to bed. When we woke up at 8:45 the girls were dead asleep.

Happy Mothers Day!!!

We had wonderful day at a Mothers day brunch at a friends house. She has that magnificent house that was just built. I can't explain the inside without using the word spectacular. You will get the idea from the pictures of the backuyard and pool.

The pool slide and "grotto"

 The Tiki bar and grill area

 The Jacuzzi and sunning area

 The waterfalls and grotto with the water on and the slide

 The top of the slide

 The atrium

 The men in the bar area

Michelle ( The home owner), Her mom, Harriet, My mom and me in the Jacuzzi

Sunday, May 4, 2008

My friends were in town

Nikki and Tanya came to town and we all played. Saturday night we had a fabulous dinner and I laughed harder than I have in years. I love, love, love, these women. That is what happens when Nicole, Nikki and I get together. I fly to a new place of happiness.

Pictures are here.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Helo there smile

So I got a job at corporate offices. It is unlike any place I have ever been before. These people thrive on employee happiness. Their philosophy is happy employees + fun and happiness = more dedication, less turnover. Hello? The last place I worked was truly hideous. Everyone there was so cold and tense. The owner was a fastidious angry man who people feared. This owner… doesn’t even have his own office because he believes no one should be above anyone else. He sits out in a cubicle with everyone else. This a multimillion dollar business and the CEO sits in a cubby! It is a very positive place to live. They provide a free lunch all day which everyone has warned me of the Zappos 15. I am trying to do well. In the giant cooler filled with drinks of every kind (including Perrier) I have only chosen juices and water. In the afternoon I drink a diet Dr Pepper for energy. The health bars and fruit they provide in all the break rooms help too. It is crazy! On Monday I go into a 4 week extensive “boot camp” to get to know all about the company. When I get back from training I will be past my 30 days and I will eligible for my health insurance for which the company pays 100% for employee and over 50% for dependants.  I am the administrative assistant for the finance department. I also set up all there special events for the department. So far I love it. Keep that in mind. Day 4- I love it.

There is also some changes in the Jeff department. After 4 years of overly dedicated service, He has put in his two weeks notice to Bass Pro Shops and has accepted a position for more money and less hours. I will tell you where when he starts. Which will be in July. He will train at another store until his own opens in September. In the meantime, He and I have switched role as house mommy and I am ok with that. I like using my brain again. Jeff prefers to be called Coco, The house boy though. The girls are ecstatic to have him home. Keep in mind that he has worked 60-70 hours a week for the last year.

 As far as money goes, I am working now, we saved a little and Hello May money from the Government. We will be ok.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Life Plan. Take 243

So I decided that as much as I LOVE being home, I am going back to work. I got a great new job that pays very well. I will let you know where when I start, which will be Monday. Jeff and I have a LOT of new changes coming soon. If I were you, I would keep reading.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Three things to mention

1. Cannot wait one more second for THIS

2. Happy Birthday Pop Pop!

3. We still miss you Matt. Twelve years feels like forever. We hope that you are boozin and cruisin like you always did!


Friday, April 11, 2008

County Fair

As you all know, we were supposed to be in Texas this week with Jeff's family but funds were a bit sparse. We hope to get there by December. In the meantime, the Clark County Fair started in Overton. A town about an hour away from Vegas but still in the same county. I figured going to the Fair was the same as going to Texas in some ways. Jeff wasn't so homesick after we went to the see the pie exhibit. The girls ditched school so we punished them by making them eat caramel apples, candy apples, cotton candy, pizza and icees. They were also forced to look at pickled eggs and swine races.

Pictures are

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Boy oh boy!!!

They are having a BOY!!!!!!!!  

(This is not their child. I googled imaged naked baby boy and this picture came up. )

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Jeff: "Emma, look that Monkey is doing the Macarena"

Emma: "He is doing it wrong, his hands are supposed to be up"

Jeff: "Throw him some slack, last week he was probably throwing his feces at a tree."

Emma: "He is doing it wrong."

Friday, April 4, 2008

Saturday Morning hoo ha

So, Alyssa has been learning about the Revolutionary war, She has to write a letter to King George III and tell him why he is such a jerk. So I tell her that when Mommy and Daddy were growing up there were these cartoons called SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK That taught us everything we needed to know about life. We looked up this little diddy on you tube and I almost cried watching it.

But it got me thinking about Saturday mornings. My brother and I used to get up and watch the Bugs Bunny /Roadrunner hour. The best part of these mornings were the schoolhouse Rock clips and that funky little round dude with the long legs that taught me how to make ice pops from the freezer. His name was Timer and his little clips were called Time for Timer.

Ahhhh the 70's. These kids just don't get it. We appreciated TV!! They have 1000 channels to choose to watch on Saturdays. We had three!!


Friday, March 28, 2008

By the way

I am so over it. The depression was so Wednesday.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

turning 38

Birthday wishes to me. Uneventful, unsatisfying, underrated. Unhappy. Very very unhappy.

Thanks for the cards for those who remembered. All two of you.  I did get a few e cards. That was nice.

 I long for the days of YORE. Cake and ice cream clowns and balloons. Except I can't eat ice cream because I am lactose intolerant and clowns scare the crap out of me.

Whatever. It is over, I am 38 Yippee skippy.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hop Hop Hop Hop

We spent Easter Sunday like the good Jews we are and went to my parents house for a bagel and lox brunch. We had mimosas and then went to the patio to play Texas Hold Em with Nevada Slick, Texas tatum, Jammin Juggs and Brooklyn Barry. A good time was had by all.

Nevada Slim with her pot and sunglasses to hide her way obvious tells

Brooklyn Barry, Nevada Slim  and Tex Tatum watch for the flop right before Jammin Juggs knocked Texas Tatum out of the game. (Jammin Juggs is not pictured)


Lin Lin and Uniqua Tatum played War.