Monday, November 26, 2007

It has been a few days

It has also been like a totally major holiday so back off Betty.

I am still trying to get the house in order. I hope to have it done by like, May. I am trying this new thing called


It is from the Greek word Organ which means "to org"

Well, I am orging and it is time consuming. I spent three hours orging my upstairs bookcase and cupboards. We have a wall to wall bookcase on top of my stairs and I have completely dusted it and put all the books in order. Where before they were randomly stocked by shape now all the Harry Potters are together, Little House On The Prairies, Narnia's and Letters to Penthouse.

Nicole said she will help me because she is totally OCD and is crazy. I mean totally nutty. She has to have her butter level in the tub. After the wedding, Jeff and I went over there and he wrote his name in the butter with a knife. She went bat shit and angry text me while I was Mesa. Don't text angry. Evah. I do love her even though her pantry is in alphabetical order.

I finally found my Wicked book which I plan to start reading in a bathroom soon. We are making the guest room / toy room Jeff's office so that took a lot of dumping. It was a happy meal toy graveyard in there. It all went.

I want to get it together soon because I want to .......want to...... ummmm, well,

go back to work. 

Wah wah what???? Did I ever mention to you that I was a little nuts? Ok, SO I don't want to REALLY go. I kinda have to go. For my mental state, see. And my financial state. And for the state of Idaho. I want to find something part time. So I can still be there for the girls. I like meeting them after school.  Ok That should hold you until something fabtabulous happens.


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