Monday, November 19, 2007

ho hum

I had the best week evah! Jeff was on vacay and we had the WEDDING, and we had a lil trip and then we painted the downstairs. Yes. 500 coats of freakin red. If you are thinking about painting a wall in your house red, don't. It is crazy tedious and you need a million coats to get it even. But the end result is glorious. We love it. I just haven't taken a picture of it yet. cuz I was sad, cuz Jeff went back to work, cuz he is the breadwinner a   n   d     I   a   m    n    o   t.  *sad bunny*  ho hum. Thanksgiving this week becasue time is dash dash dashing by my life.

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unwoundrodeo said...

Are you a sad bunny because you aren't working or because Thanksgiving is already upon us?  You are a breadwinner...only your value isn't measurable!  What you do for your family is priceless and honorable.  When you feel as if what you do is unappreciated or unnoticed, remember that there is an eternal value for what you do as you joyfully serve your family and friends. I love you.

Hey...I LOVE the picture of your family at Nicole's wedding. I want one of those. We need a recent family pic.