Saturday, October 27, 2007


Those of you who are close to me have heard me say that my life is divided into two parts right now. BW and AW. Before wedding and after wedding. My friend, Nicole is getting married on November 10th. I have known her for as long as I have known Jeff. we all met at the same camp. I have waited 15 years for this wedding and I am thrilled for her. I am also the Matron of Honor.  My kids are the flower girls and Jeff is a groomsman. We are all in this wedding.  I am excited because I just know that there will be an excellent photo op for the family. I am excited for Nicole and Eric too but I am thinking about me and my family.  Actually I am only thinking about me. It will be a blast because all of my closest friends will be there. Plus my parents. I want to laugh and dance and have a great time. I haven't danced with my husband in several years. I want this wedding to be a new life for everyone involved. A fresh start. I will keep you updated.

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