Friday, October 5, 2007

Ho hum

We finally got the carpet replaced in my house. Two months after the "flood" They arrived at 8:20 AM to install the linoleum in the bathroom and continued on to the carpet until 6:30 PM. These guys were so good. The steps were a pain in the butt. The poor guy would finish 1 step every 45 minutes. And every time he would finish he would look up wishing the rest were gone. And the other guy was allergic to cats so even though fat ass Minnie was locked up in the bathroom the guy was a snotty, wheezy mess.

Right now I am having the toilets replaced because when one commode saw the attention the floody one got it quit working too. We were down to a 1/2 of a bathroom for 4 people. We were starting to panic but we steered clear from Mexican food and anything that would give us the "Mcshits."

We got paid a third from our second customer yesterday. And we still have a $400 balance from our first guy.

By the way. I quit my job at the end of August to work full time for Jeff's company and to be home with the kids and not pay any daycare. I am thrilled with my decision but feel  guilty and scared at the same time. Hence me waiting almost two months to tell the Internet. It has been for the best because I have been home during all of the home construction. I am starting serious advertising on Wednesday so hopefully that will bring more customers in. It has also been great because my mom retired on the 25th of August so we have been spending time together. That is until she left on their three week cruise to Egypt, Turkey, and Greece. They come home on Wednesday. But I am sure they will be all spacey until Friday.

Hope all is well internet, kisses.

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amyjonhall said...

I'm so happy to hear that things are looking up! And, congrats on staying home! I love it (: I have to go back to work next week and I'm really dreading it. It has been so lovely to be home with the baby. Sigh.  Amy