Thursday, September 6, 2007

THis is the first day of a happy Cyndi

No doubt this has been a pretty crappy Summer. Did I bring it all on myself with bad energy? I dont know but I am stopping it right now. I do have a few things to update you on.

First, Alyssa and Emma started school. Emma is now in first grade which is free free free!!!

It was rainging very hard. So we all had umbrellas. It was the first year that both Jeff and I were able to drop the girls off on the first day.Emma was really excited! We also started the process of getting our house fixed. That was really stressing me out. But I have calmed down. The ceiling and painting is done we are just waiting for the carpet people to call us back. We also went camping last weekend. We had a blast despite the fact that we had to put Spooky down. He had grown a tumor and was losing weight at a rapid pace. He knew. He had stopped eating and he was just bummed out. I was glad that the girls were able to say good bye to him. Samra has been kind of mellow but still managed to go through our garbage 2 times since she has been home. That is how she grieves I guess.

But the Camping pictures are HERE.

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amyjonhall said...

They look adorable! I love the suitcase style back-pack. Where were those when we where little??