Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So many people said nice things to me about Spooky. He was a great little doggie. He never growled or bared his teeth or ever did anything mean. He just wanted to be near you and eat and sleep. He was a bit of a close talker but that is ok. I still have one other "real" pet other than Samra. I have Minnie. The angry cat.

Minnie was rescued about a year and a half ago and has been plotting our deaths ever since. She hates us but loves us at the same time. She is extremely tormented by the fact that she loves for us to rake her cheeks with our nails but hates humans. So she takes the petting for awhile than attacks our hands when its gets too much. She has been known to attack Jeffs head in the middle of the night yet lick his scalp for over an hour while he slept. I actually watched this and couldn't bring myself to swat her away. It was a love affair that was so very wrong yet I could not tear my eyes away. She is also very very fat. So fat that when she sits on the remote control it changes channels. So fat that when we are down stairs and she jumps from the bed to the floor we can hear the ceiling crackle. So fat that when she attempts to jump up the dresser she fails miserably and slides down in shame. I only feed her dry and occasionally some wet. I know she poops because I change her litter.

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