Monday, September 24, 2007

Family Day

In honor of TVLand's Family Day, which encourages family's to eat dinner together, I feel compelled to tell you one of my greatest family dinner memories. Knowledge is very important to my father. He insists that we know current events, politics and the stock exchange. These things are extremely important to him so he thinks they should be important to everyone. Something else he insists we know is great movies of the past. Three he feels very strongly about are Wizard of Oz, Gone with The Wind and Casablanca. We grew up watching these movies and we know them backward and forward. One of my greatest memories was one year in the late 70's when Gone with the Wind was on TV and was cut to I think three separate nights. We would order Chinese food and all sit on the floor in the living room eating on the coffee table watching the movie on our teeny tiny 5" TV. It is a great memory.

My parents left for a three week cruise to Turkey, Greece and Egypt yesterday. Spending my inheritance as quick as they can.  I am actually thrilled for them because this is the trip of a lifetime. They are going with a group of people that are very old friends of theirs. A couple that has had some trauma but that is another entry. My mom is thrilled about her recent retirement and and is living it up.

On another subject, My BFF, Abbe has helped me dissect  my recent run of bad luck and why I am bringing this bad energy to myself. We figured it was all stemming from the trouble with Jeff and I back in June and the fact that I was having issues with it still and could not let it go. The problems shook me to the core and I could not bounce back. After we figured it out it was if a weight was lifted. I had let my self esteem run away and with it my awareness and stability. I was taking in bad energy and making it my lifestyle. Well the morning of the revelation I wrote down everything bad that has happened to me since June and I burned the list, letting it go. I feel a lot better. I hope, actually I know, that things are brighter and I know that I am a good person.

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The Secret, my friend! Gabe Kotter...Welcome Back...