Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The story of "Mindy"

There once was a little girl with poorly dyed blonde hair. Let’s call her “Mindy” “Mindy” was a good person. She didn’t lie, cheat or steal. She believed in being a good person and treat others as you would like to be treated. “Mindy” sometimes had a black cloud over her head. She didn’t know why it was there. She had read all about The “Secret” and didn’t believe that it was supposed to be there or that she willed it there but it was there and it brought nasty things to “Mindy”

“Mindy” and her husband “Jett” were not getting along for awhile, He daughter; “Melissa” was in the hospital. And her knee blew out. Just when she thought things were getting better her boss was fired and there was a rainforest in her den. That’s right, a rainforest. Apparently her toilet never stopped filling back up during the night on Sunday and flooded not only the upstairs hallway but “Melissa” and her sister “Jemma’s” room, The master bedroom entry and low and behold the entire friggin den ceiling. That’s right; she woke up to spider monkeys and anacondas in the rainforest of a den yesterday morning. It was hot and humid in the rainforest and “Jett” and “Mindy” knew they could not fix it themselves so they called the insurance company where they sent over big burly men to do this to their ceiling

and leave 7 industrial fans to scream all night long drying the muck.

“Mindy” can only laugh at this point because she realizes that she may be going nuts and does not want to be taken away. So she shows people that she has got a sense of humor. “Ha Ha” says “Mindy” “Ha Ha”

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