Tuesday, August 14, 2007


When I was 6 yeas old I remember having a dream about a chocolate bar. In my dream I had put it under my pillow for safe keeping. When I woke up I immediately lifted up my pillow and was shocked that there was no candy bar. I was obsessed with finding it. I could not understand where it had gone. At 6, my obsession was chocolate.

My obsession got a little more rational as I aged.

When I was 14 I was obsessed with Van Halen. I had the posters all over my wall, all of their records and tapes and about a 100 buttons. I wasted so much money on useless crap it is embarrassing. But I was obsessed. They were my first concert. I remember all of the details. The tickets were $15 and the concert was for the 1984 album and it was on May 15, 1984. I had originally purchased the tickets with my “boyfriend, Erik Madrid” and my friend Vicky Brooks. My father dropped us off at the Thomas and Mack to by the tickets and when he picked us up “Girls just want to Have fun” was on the radio and my father was embarrassing the crap out of me by claiming that Cyndi Lauper was not actually singing “fun” but singing something else that started with the F word. I don’t know why I remember the details so clearly. But I do. I got home at 11 PM and my mom had homemade egg rolls for me.

Anyway, I loved them.

In 1985 I saw Back to the Future. And my mom can totally swear by this. I was OBSESSED with Michael J Fox. I knew everything about him and I was in love. I used to cry at night because I knew that I would never meet him. And listen people, I wasn’t some 7 year old kid, I was 15!!! I should have been going on dates or obsessing over “real boys” My mom jokes now that I loved him so much that I planned to have my first born on the same day as his birthday. It’s true, they were both born on June 9th but that is poorly a coincidence. J

At 16 I dropped The Fox and started to obsess about music again. This time it was The Beatles and the Monkees and music of the 60’s. If you notice, I was never obsessed about anything that would help me through life.

At 18 it was finally a guy I was dealing with in unhealthy devotion. I will withhold the name for security reasons but those around me at the time (Stace) know who I speak about. I was CRAZY about him and he couldn’t give a crap about me. Live and learn.


I didn’t really obsess anything too major in my college years. And I haven’t really obsessed with anything in a long time. I am crazy about my husband and kids but I already have them. I obsess about Jeff a lot which drives him crazy. I need to know where he is at all times and what he is thinking. He loves that. I also obsess about the kids and believe me, what kid doesn’t love their mother all up in their business? My obsessions are a lot healthier now. Well, unless you count Harry Potter and that is not an obsession, it is more of a hobby. A hobby that I think about…. A LOT. But it is not like I have posters of Daniel Radcliffe in my room. That would be wrong. I just have the song on my cell phone ringer and a Harry Potter wand, memo pads, pens and bags. But really, it could be worse. I could be a 37 year old woman obsessed with “High School Musical” or Zack and Cody. I leave that to my girls.



linda7377 said...

As usual, I love your entry in your blog. I know I'm your mother but I find out so much about you whenever I read your blog. You're such a good, funny, interesting writer and I look forward to reading the blog.

amyjonhall said...

Ask Jon what my all time favorite movie is to THIS day, and he'll verify it is Back to the Future. I can't say I'm still obsessed with MJF, but I certainly was during the days of Family Ties. Don't get me started on Ricky Schroder please.

frogsoupdeluxe said...

Unfortunately, I can sympathise with unhealthy obsessions. I wasted my life too long on the unhealthy ones.......probably ruined my good ones, at the time. I just hope I was never anyone's unhealthy obsession. I'm sure I've been in a bad dream or two...  :-)