Friday, August 10, 2007

Lobster tail for everyone!!!!!


 Today is the last day of school! It isn’t just the last day of school but it is the last day of day care for Emma. It is the last day of Daycare for my children EVER!!!! For the last ten years I have been paying $200 a week for some kind of day care. $200 a week! For ten years!!!!!! That is $104,000 I have spent on child care. Give or take a few thousand where we were on vacation or where my mom paid. Can you believe that amount? But it was worth it I guess. These people not only taught my kids how to pee in a toilet, they taught them the alphabet, songs, numbers and fantastic social skills. But this is it. Emma starts 1st grade and Alyssa starts 5th. My big girls will only have to endure after school care at a bargain price of $60 a week for both of them. And hopefully, if Jeff and I play our cards right, I wont need after care at all by springtime. We have plans darling! Big plans!!

Tomorrow is day one of get focused Cyndi. I feel as though the last few months have been scattered and unorganized. I don’t know which end is up because of the bad karma in the house. But tomorrow I am cleansing the bad spirits and getting focused. I am only going to think of the future and I will not dwell on the past.

I am getting the house organized as well as the business. I have two more weeks before school starts and I am using that as the launching pad to “Project perfect family”. Or “Project as close to perfect or just comfortable as we can get family”

I am going to get what I want by spring/ my husband will have his business full time and I will hopefully join him by spring. Not hopefully, I will join him by spring and we will be successful.



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Way to go!!!!