Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I am starting to really like my dog Samra. It has taken 8 months but I kind of dig her now. She is very smart and cute as Hell. She is still a puppy and has chewed up three pairs of my shoes, at least 15 rolls of toilet paper and 20 stuffed animals. But she is a dork and cracks us up and I like her for that. She has calmed down quite a bit. Obedience classes helped. She will sit, stay, shake, lie down and start the car but she still has problems with washing dishes and rebooting the computer. I think it’s because she doesn’t have thumbs but Jeff says it is because she is a Mac head and we own a PC.

She is very protective of the girls and will stay with them at night until they fall asleep. Once when Jeff went to check on them at night, Samra only saw his hand on the door and started growing at him. This makes her worth her weight in gold. She loves to wake the girls up for school and if you say “Samra, wake the girls” she gets all excited and will jump on them and lick them until they are up. The girls hate that. She is no Otis Spunkmeyer, coolest dog in the world but she is a good pup. She annoys the crap out of Spooky but I think secretly that old man Bassett loves the attention. And the jowel cleanings Samra gives him.

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