Sunday, August 26, 2007

Reason #432 why I have been bummed


The great flood



Thursday, August 23, 2007

We interrupt this depressing program to bring you a special report


Jeff's baby sister has her baby!! My mom says she looks like Jeff. Which is just sick and wrong unless you are in the south.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The story of "Mindy"

There once was a little girl with poorly dyed blonde hair. Let’s call her “Mindy” “Mindy” was a good person. She didn’t lie, cheat or steal. She believed in being a good person and treat others as you would like to be treated. “Mindy” sometimes had a black cloud over her head. She didn’t know why it was there. She had read all about The “Secret” and didn’t believe that it was supposed to be there or that she willed it there but it was there and it brought nasty things to “Mindy”

“Mindy” and her husband “Jett” were not getting along for awhile, He daughter; “Melissa” was in the hospital. And her knee blew out. Just when she thought things were getting better her boss was fired and there was a rainforest in her den. That’s right, a rainforest. Apparently her toilet never stopped filling back up during the night on Sunday and flooded not only the upstairs hallway but “Melissa” and her sister “Jemma’s” room, The master bedroom entry and low and behold the entire friggin den ceiling. That’s right; she woke up to spider monkeys and anacondas in the rainforest of a den yesterday morning. It was hot and humid in the rainforest and “Jett” and “Mindy” knew they could not fix it themselves so they called the insurance company where they sent over big burly men to do this to their ceiling

and leave 7 industrial fans to scream all night long drying the muck.

“Mindy” can only laugh at this point because she realizes that she may be going nuts and does not want to be taken away. So she shows people that she has got a sense of humor. “Ha Ha” says “Mindy” “Ha Ha”

Monday, August 20, 2007

I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person Bad things happen to me. I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person I’m a good person

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


When I was 6 yeas old I remember having a dream about a chocolate bar. In my dream I had put it under my pillow for safe keeping. When I woke up I immediately lifted up my pillow and was shocked that there was no candy bar. I was obsessed with finding it. I could not understand where it had gone. At 6, my obsession was chocolate.

My obsession got a little more rational as I aged.

When I was 14 I was obsessed with Van Halen. I had the posters all over my wall, all of their records and tapes and about a 100 buttons. I wasted so much money on useless crap it is embarrassing. But I was obsessed. They were my first concert. I remember all of the details. The tickets were $15 and the concert was for the 1984 album and it was on May 15, 1984. I had originally purchased the tickets with my “boyfriend, Erik Madrid” and my friend Vicky Brooks. My father dropped us off at the Thomas and Mack to by the tickets and when he picked us up “Girls just want to Have fun” was on the radio and my father was embarrassing the crap out of me by claiming that Cyndi Lauper was not actually singing “fun” but singing something else that started with the F word. I don’t know why I remember the details so clearly. But I do. I got home at 11 PM and my mom had homemade egg rolls for me.

Anyway, I loved them.

In 1985 I saw Back to the Future. And my mom can totally swear by this. I was OBSESSED with Michael J Fox. I knew everything about him and I was in love. I used to cry at night because I knew that I would never meet him. And listen people, I wasn’t some 7 year old kid, I was 15!!! I should have been going on dates or obsessing over “real boys” My mom jokes now that I loved him so much that I planned to have my first born on the same day as his birthday. It’s true, they were both born on June 9th but that is poorly a coincidence. J

At 16 I dropped The Fox and started to obsess about music again. This time it was The Beatles and the Monkees and music of the 60’s. If you notice, I was never obsessed about anything that would help me through life.

At 18 it was finally a guy I was dealing with in unhealthy devotion. I will withhold the name for security reasons but those around me at the time (Stace) know who I speak about. I was CRAZY about him and he couldn’t give a crap about me. Live and learn.


I didn’t really obsess anything too major in my college years. And I haven’t really obsessed with anything in a long time. I am crazy about my husband and kids but I already have them. I obsess about Jeff a lot which drives him crazy. I need to know where he is at all times and what he is thinking. He loves that. I also obsess about the kids and believe me, what kid doesn’t love their mother all up in their business? My obsessions are a lot healthier now. Well, unless you count Harry Potter and that is not an obsession, it is more of a hobby. A hobby that I think about…. A LOT. But it is not like I have posters of Daniel Radcliffe in my room. That would be wrong. I just have the song on my cell phone ringer and a Harry Potter wand, memo pads, pens and bags. But really, it could be worse. I could be a 37 year old woman obsessed with “High School Musical” or Zack and Cody. I leave that to my girls.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

For my friends that are waiters

Do NOT freak out if your glass is half empty and we fill it to the top or replace it with another full drink.. you can drink as much as you want to we're not forcing you.

Do NOT continue your conversations as if were aren't standing there waiting for you to shut the hell up. We DO have other people to attend to.

Do not ask what kind of dressing comes on a Ceasar Salad

Do not ask if this is the only menu we have I will not be pulling 3 other menus out of my apron

Do not complain about it being cold its summer we have ac bring a sweater

Do not say you only want coffee if it is fresh and hot

Do not create your own meal

Do not be surprised to learn that your long island ice tea has 5 different shots in it know what you are drinking

One drink per person at a time there is no need for me to carry a tray for two people

If I card you be happy you look young, if you dont have id dont have your mom order it for you I will watch the whole time so that you dont drink it

We close at 10 or 12 do not come in 10 minutes prior to closing time and have to wait for the rest of your party

Dont ask for just a little ice its free refills anyway

Do not ask for a virgin mudslide it equals a chocolate shake

Do not tell me youre in a hurry and ask if I can get your food out fast or complain about the prices that is why American has fast food restaurants with dollar menus

Let me say hello and tell you my name before you tell me what I can get you to drink

Its late and youre the only ones left in the restaurant yes we are closing get out

Waiters: Enjoy.

For all of you who DON'T wait tables!!!
If you go out to eat, or plan to EVER again... READ THIS!


easy tip: take 10% of the total price of the ticket and then double it.
$50.00 tab = $5.00 x 2 = $10.00 would be an alright tip.

Dont forget that the tip percentage is now up to 18.5% of your bill as of 2005
Michigan has not changed its minimum wage for servers since 1978

The next time you're out eating at a resturant, look at your server. Do you think they are really happy to be doing that job? The answer is no, they are not, but it's what we do, and we do it for the money so please help them out. Its a tougher job than you think and you should pay them accordingly!

There are SO many people out there flooding the restaurants w/o any knowledge of how to tip. Here is a short guide for the general public to follow. Feel free to print out and store in your wallet and/or purse.

If you have children, DO NOT let them, open and dump anything on the table (ie; salt, sugar, etc). IF YOU DO, you must leave an extra $5 for the server to clean up YOUR CHILD'S mess & to restock the now unusable wasted items. We are neither their babysitter nor their parent. The least you can do is pay us for the extra work. Also make sure you control your kids and don't let them scream or run around the restraunt. It's very distracting and rude to others eating, not to mention dangerous if they get ran over by a server with hot food in their hands.

If you feel the necessity to stay for longer than 15 minutes after you pay, its an extra $3 every 30 minutes. We make our money from the tables. If you are in one and we can't seat it, we don't make money. Not to mention, if you are our last table we have to wait for you to leave before we can leave.

Telling a server they are the best server they've ever had is not a tip. If we are good, let us know by leaving us more money. We cant pay our bills on compliments. Its not that we don't appreciate the praise, its just that if you say that and then leave 10% it's an insult.

Prayer cards and any other religious pamphlet is NOT a tip. It is insulting that you assume we are w/o religion and must save us. Again, like ..3, we can't pay bills w/prayer cards. We'd go to church on Sundays if it wasn't mandatory to work on Sundays because EVERYONE who goes to church follows it by eating out.

It is not 1960. Cost of living has gone up dramatically since then. 18% is the MINIMUM amount of what you should be tipping your servers. Look at the first number of your bill. ie. if your bill is $30, double the 3 & you have a $6 tip. If the second number is more than 5 however, you must add a dollar. Remember, our companies pay us minimum wage (minumum wage for servers is $6.75 in CA, $3.13 in FL, $3.09 in IA, $2.13 in NJ, 2.65 in MI, 2.15 in OK, 2.13 in OH) And we are taxed on 10 percent of your meal automatically anyway. So if your meal is $100 and you leave $10 and we tip out $4-5 to the busser, bartender, and whoever else then we pay tax on 10 dollars and we make $5. It seems small but it adds up. How many times do you eat out per week and do this?

If you get a discount because of your food was prepared wrong or something, do not take it out of our tip. We didn't cook it. The cooks get paid hourly regardless if the food sucks. However, we only make what you give us.

If you happen to get anything for free and you did not have a problem with your dining experience, most of the time it is because the server thinks you will realize that they are giving it to you for free. There should be extra tip thanking the server for the free item. They could get in a lot of trouble giving away free stuff. You should give them hazard pay for it.

If you come into the restraunt 10 mins before closing or any time near closing hurry up and order your food and get out. Closed means closed, not social hour. It is so rude to sit there and take your sweet ass time. We can't leave until you leave because we have to do sidework and clean the table you are sitting at. We don't want to stand there waiting for you for an extra hour just because you don't want to go home. We recommend 24 hour establishments such as Dennys if you wish to sit into the wee hours of the night.

If you only come in for coffee or a dessert, to do paper work, or to have a meeting, don't sit there taking up our booths for hours. We are not Starbucks or a hotel restraunt. If you want to sit for hours, go there or else you better leave a good tip for us and camping fee included.

When we come up to the table to greet you and we ask how you are doing, please let us know. We honestly want to know how you are doing. And ask us how we are doing as well. It's called manners. If you are in a bad mood we want to know that from the beginning. A confused stare or complete silence does not suffice as a reply to "How are you doing?". Also most of us are REQUIRED to say certain things during the greeting, so please don't interrupt our greeting and say "I want coffee", "Can we get some bread?", or "What are the soups?" Just sit tight for a goddamn minute & let us talk. You're not helping us out & saving us time by stopping our greet, you are pissing us off.

Don't ever talk on your cell phone in a restaurant. This is probably the rudest thing to do. If you must be on your cell, at least keep your voice down in respect for other customers. If you are on your cell phone when we walk up to greet your table we will walk away and not return until you get off your phone. Just show some respect and give us your attention for a couple of minutes.

When you're taken to a table, sit there. There's a reason you were taken to that table and it's because that server is next on the rotation. "can we have a booth?" "Can we sit by the window?" No! The reason you weren't sat by the window or in a booth is most likely because the server by the window or the server with the booths just got sat and you will receive better service if you stay put.

If you wave at me or try to talk to me while I am talking to another table or have a huge tray in my hand, I will ignore you. We have other people besides you to take care of and unless we are standing still, hanging out by a computer, we are doing something. It is rude to think we will stop what we are doing for one table to come help you. Let me put this heavy ass tray down in the middle of the dining room to find out you want more sauce. Do not grab me, or wave, or shake your glass, or call me ma'am or waiter or any other petname you want to call me because you were on your cell, or talking, or interrupted my initial greet where I told you my gaddamn name!

Always remember to tip the take-out order servers! They work just as hard as a server, and hardly ever get tips for it! WE DESERVE TO BE TIPPED TOO!

Please repost this so the word can get out, since so many people are uneducated about tips and our lives depend on this - at least for now...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Lobster tail for everyone!!!!!


 Today is the last day of school! It isn’t just the last day of school but it is the last day of day care for Emma. It is the last day of Daycare for my children EVER!!!! For the last ten years I have been paying $200 a week for some kind of day care. $200 a week! For ten years!!!!!! That is $104,000 I have spent on child care. Give or take a few thousand where we were on vacation or where my mom paid. Can you believe that amount? But it was worth it I guess. These people not only taught my kids how to pee in a toilet, they taught them the alphabet, songs, numbers and fantastic social skills. But this is it. Emma starts 1st grade and Alyssa starts 5th. My big girls will only have to endure after school care at a bargain price of $60 a week for both of them. And hopefully, if Jeff and I play our cards right, I wont need after care at all by springtime. We have plans darling! Big plans!!

Tomorrow is day one of get focused Cyndi. I feel as though the last few months have been scattered and unorganized. I don’t know which end is up because of the bad karma in the house. But tomorrow I am cleansing the bad spirits and getting focused. I am only going to think of the future and I will not dwell on the past.

I am getting the house organized as well as the business. I have two more weeks before school starts and I am using that as the launching pad to “Project perfect family”. Or “Project as close to perfect or just comfortable as we can get family”

I am going to get what I want by spring/ my husband will have his business full time and I will hopefully join him by spring. Not hopefully, I will join him by spring and we will be successful.



Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I am starting to really like my dog Samra. It has taken 8 months but I kind of dig her now. She is very smart and cute as Hell. She is still a puppy and has chewed up three pairs of my shoes, at least 15 rolls of toilet paper and 20 stuffed animals. But she is a dork and cracks us up and I like her for that. She has calmed down quite a bit. Obedience classes helped. She will sit, stay, shake, lie down and start the car but she still has problems with washing dishes and rebooting the computer. I think it’s because she doesn’t have thumbs but Jeff says it is because she is a Mac head and we own a PC.

She is very protective of the girls and will stay with them at night until they fall asleep. Once when Jeff went to check on them at night, Samra only saw his hand on the door and started growing at him. This makes her worth her weight in gold. She loves to wake the girls up for school and if you say “Samra, wake the girls” she gets all excited and will jump on them and lick them until they are up. The girls hate that. She is no Otis Spunkmeyer, coolest dog in the world but she is a good pup. She annoys the crap out of Spooky but I think secretly that old man Bassett loves the attention. And the jowel cleanings Samra gives him.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Frederick McDuff of Jordan, AKA "Jordan" 1/30/94 - 8/04/07
Remembering Jordan Fredericks

Aug 4, 2007 03:17 PM PDT

Our beloved friend and News 3 family member Jordan Fredericks has ended his adventure here on Earth. I have no doubt he has already joined his old friends and is waiting patiently for his Dad just this side of Rainbow Bridge. He did not suffer in his final moments. He simply went to sleep in my arms and in the compassionate loving care of Dr. Kristine Ziegler of the Sahara Pines Animal Hospital. I want to thank you and everyone in the community who welcomed Jordan into your hearts and homes these past 11 years. Anyone who would like to pay tribute to my sweet boy may do so by making any small donation in his name to the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, NSPCA: 873-7722

Services are pending and will be announced at the appropriate time.

Frederick McDuff of Jordan, AKA "Jordan" 1/30/94 - 8/04/07