Saturday, July 21, 2007

Save the Drama for your Mama

I feel as though I have been kicked in the ass by karma. I have had the worst few months ever and  I feel personally attacked. First was the thing with my marriage which we are slowly working out. It has been quite the little journey for us and we understand that we can't take our relationship for granted. My car died. No big deal, just the air conditioner in 116 heat. When it died on I-95 I thought ok, this happens. When Alyssa came down with 104 temperature that wouldn't go away and then was admitted to the hospital for three days for a Bladder infection/kidney infection, I thought, hey, it happens. But on Thursday when I was walking and I heard a POP in my knee and it buckled and I had excruciating pain I said enough is enough. My knee seems to be sprained by the way. Either that or a torn ligament. Whatever. It is over. I am embracing good fortune and luck now. My Harry Potter book comes today and that will make me VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

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frogsoupdeluxe said...

Do you still have that Chevette? Because that might be why your knee popped. Small cars that you have to crawl into........ Thanks for the Culver article. Bad stuff.