Thursday, July 26, 2007

Night night

My kids go to bed at 9. I said go to bed not go to sleep. My dad thinks that 9 PM is too late to put children to bed because he went to bed at some time around 4:30 PM or something.

We don’t usually get home until 6 PM and don’t finish eating dinner until 7. By the time homework, baths and everything is finished it is about 8:30. At 8:45 Jeff or I make the get ready for bed announcement which is usually followed by a ton of groans and whining. We tell them to get undressed, go to the bathroom and get in bed. It takes about 30 minutes for this to be completed. Alyssa is out like a light.

She has always been an excellent sleeper and a lot like her daddy. As soon as her head hits the pillow she is snoring and drooling.

Emma is a bit different. As soon as we make the get ready for bed announcement she gets hungry. She wants something to eat. It doesn't matter if she just finished  47 tater tots, 5 hot dogs, and 14 cookies.  She usually comes down and gets some cheese or fruit or whatever is left over from dinner that the dog hasn't’t jumped up on the counter and already eaten. She kisses us both goodnight and hugs us. She goes back upstairs. 10 minutes later she will come back down and say she is thirsty can she have a soda because “it has been a really long time since she has had a soda.” We say no, get some water. She asks us if the “clean washer “is clean, (dish washer) we say yes and she gets her glass and water. She kisses us both goodnight and hugs us. And goes back upstairs. .Ten more minutes later she will come back down pretending that she has been asleep, rubbing her eyes and says that something woke her up. A noise or the wind, the little boy under bed, whatever.  Jeff starts to get angry because he has to keep pausing his “Dog the Bounty Hunter” or whatever show he is watching to tell her that it is now very late and she is going to be a nutcase to wake up in the morning. She says ok comes back downstairs to kiss us goodnight, hug us and kiss both the dogs and hug them. She usually gets distracted by something shiny and fiddles with that for a minute. 7 minutes later Jeff will then notice that she is still downstairs and start getting very stern with her to get upstairs and get to sleep. Sometimes she will well up some tears and sometimes she will go straight up. The whole process takes about an hour. And it happens EVERY night.

Waking Emma up in the morning is like that scene in Jurassic Park where Newman is talking to the sweet little winged dinosaurs but then they turn ugly and attack? That is her. She spits and sprays venom and you can feel the burn. You have to bring up something exciting that day to actually get her up. Today was water day so I mentioned it to her and she got up. But it is usually something like “It may rain today, how exciting will that be?” or “they are giving out freeair at school. we have to hurry to get some”

Amazingly enough she manages to wake up around 5:30 AM -6AM unassisted every weekend regardless of what time she goes to bed.


amyjonhall said...

I know from your perspective this is far from funny, but I laughed out loud reading this. Sorry (:

loraloo0604 said...

It's always nice to know you're not alone.  Madison goes to bed at 8 and it's a struggle most of the time for about 30 minutes.  Once she's asleep she's out, but getting her to stay in her room is a real challenge.  Most days she gets up wih the freakin' sun (can you say 5:30 on weekends???) but sometimes she sleeps just like I used to... bombs could be dropping around her and she never hears you telling her to get up.  So I feel your pain, trying to manage two little personalities, when I have only one.

I can only imagine what she's going to be like at like 8 or 14...

unwoundrodeo said...

O.K. It comes from JEFF'S side of the family!!!! The sleeping like you are in a coma AND the return trips to say good night ONE more time...I've heard that Rick used to kiss the couch goodnight, the T.V.,the wall,his mom, the lamp,etc.  I think Jeff had similar night time rituals. Our boys...totally dysfunctional yet lovable.