Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just a note.....

OK, So I am back, for a little while. I needed time to regroup. Writing in this blog is a cathartic experience. I try to be witty and clever but sometimes I am not feeling it.

The past few weeks have been interesting. We have kept very busy but we have also gone through a few things. Jeff and I have been together 14 years tomorrow. We went on our first date July 12, 1993. We have been married for 12 years. That is a long time to be with someone. But I believe that we are soul mates and he is truly my best friend and one of my reasons for living. Jeff comes from a family where nobody yells. I come from a family where everyone yells. If you want to see an example of two families together watch the dinner scene in Annie Hall. That is us to a tee. Not the “Dynamite Ham” scene, the first one.

 We have had some communication issues over the past few weeks. That is being nice. We are working through it and honestly, we have talked so much about our relationship that all we needed were two more cats and a u haul and we would be lesbians.


I can’t imagine my life without him and hopefully he feels the same. We have this growing business that we started that is about to explode. We have three contracts with clients and we are feeling the pressure of not only having two full time jobs, a family and household to run but also this business. There are not enough hours in a day and when we get stressed, we lose it., We act out, and we act like children.


We are both learning from our mistakes and we are both working very hard at this marriage.


Thank you so much for everyone who has been there for me the past few weeks.


Sometimes it sucks being an adult.


frogsoupdeluxe said...

I am really confused now. How can a blog make you a Catholic? I thought you were of Jewish descent, and didn't know that was negotiable, unless the you know what grew back, and you're a female.....Another thing that puzzles me.... how do you think........ Wait just a minute. I re-read your blog- CATHARTIC. Boy, is my eface red. What does a dumb Amishman know, anyway? Lots of love, Cyndi, from me to you, and I'm very glad that things are looking up.

amyjonhall said...

I am so happy to hear you are back and feeling better. Hang in there! You deserve only the best.