Sunday, June 3, 2007

The weekends are going to KILL me

I cannot believe how much fun I have been having on the weekends. And My kids are having a blast too! Yesterday was extreme busy. Alyssa started her Hebrew lessons and apparently did very well. Having these lessons was her idea not mine or my mothers and at first I was surprised she wanted to learn a new language. When I asked her if she wanted to be Bat Mitzvah'ed she said "no, I just want to learn." But If she keeps with it I will reward her with one. Anyway. That was way across town to the North. I then went the other way East to Henderson for Gage's 7th birthday party. The kids had the best time. Nicole made the party into a carnival making most of the games herself. It was very hot and humid so I was kind of wasted. But I still met my friend, Elizabeth for dinner. I had a nice weekedn and today I am staying in my pajamas and doing laundry. Pictures of the Birthday Carnival are here.


linda7377 said...

Your photos are great. I love the backhead face... really freaky. Great weekends, really fun times.

frogsoupdeluxe said...

Behold, I still live. Although barely. I am still WAITING. Kidneys don't grow on  trees in this neighborhood. Anyways...... I caught up on you a little; I skimmed your blogs. If you have a typical family, and I would own one like it, I would be worn out dead by now. you are BUSY!!!