Monday, June 25, 2007

The final birthday party for a long time!! This was for Damen, Nicole's soon to be step son. It was in Boulder City about 45 minutes out of Vegas. They had a cool splash park. The kids had a blast.


Jeff is away again and he is having a miserable time. His plane was delayed, he missed his connecting flight and he had to drive 3 hours to his destination. He arrived at 3 AM not knowing where his luggage was. When I finally spoke to him he was exhausted. I told him not to go, He asked me to use my power for good instead of evil. I knew he was out of it by the voice message he left on my phone this morning, He warbled something about how he appreciated all I did and loved me and missed me, I knew he was out of it.  I saved the message to play on a loop later.

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