Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A week of a million words

It has been quite the week. A whirlwind of events. Friday was my last day at KTNV. They threw me a HUGE party and gave me a an obscene amount of credit on a spa gift certificate. It was wonderful. They decorated my desk again but I do not have any pictures that are worth anything. Pictures of past few days are HERE .Emma lost her first tooth on Saturday night. We had a crazy day. We went to the Sun City Garage Sale then we went to a party at Pump it up. By Saturday night we were wiped out. Jeff came home from work at 8 PM and had to go to bed at 10 because he had to be up by 3 AM. His flight to Missouri was at 6. He had to be at the airport by 4:30. I stayed up until 1 packing him and the got up with him at three. Emma was so excited about her Tooth Fairy money she woke me up at 6. Needless to say I was very sleepy. Not sleepy enough to not go to the Outlet mall though. Later that day Emma lost another tooth. We all went to Buca De Beppo for dinner with my mom's friends. THEN.........I started my new job at KVBC on Monday. Woke the girls up at 6 AM to make sure that we wouldn't be late.

Jeff is whoopin it up with his buddies in Springfield at the Archery Jamboree and I am playing single mom. It is making me extremely bitter since I haven't had an actual day off in 10 years. Oh, I forgot about tonight where we had to go to Urgent Care because Alyssa had an outbreak again. We have an actual urologist appointment on the 24th.

I am mentally and emotionally exhausted.


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loraloo0604 said...

So... how'd the first week go?  

When does Jeff come home - and is he buying you a spa treatment for this?  :)